[gnome-documents] (10 commits) Created branch wip/rishi/onedrive-lo

The branch 'wip/rishi/onedrive-lo' was created.

Summary of new commits:

  49831f3... documents: Use a global named constant for the OneDrive pre
  bb303ef... documents: Simplify calculation of thumbnail paths for Goog
  772b0de... selections: Be more strict about invalid code paths
  f3b7465... application: Use GIO's named constant instead of 'standard:
  103d0bf... documents: Track nfo:fileName for later use
  28ce23a... documents: Add property to denote the URI to be loaded by t
  09b1b05... documents: Use logError to report loading failures
  0af15b8... documents: Let everybody provide their own download impleme
  fef6e10... documents: Implement the downloadImpl vfunc for SkydriveDoc
  e165716... documents: Fix previewing of LOKDocView-supported OneDrive 

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