[libhttpseverywhere] Created tag 0.4.0

The signed tag '0.4.0' was created.

Tagger: grindhold <grindhold gmx net>
Date: Sun Mar 19 12:51:32 2017 +0100

      * rulesets of 5.2.12
      * methods to ignore rulesets/hosts on demand

Changes since the last tag '0.2.10':

grindhold (14):
      rulesets: integrate 5.2.10
      bumped year numbers in copyright notice
      context: enable ignoring rulesets
      build: remove typelib path dependency
      gitlab-ci: add continuous integration
      gitlab-ci: libarchive and libgee deps
      gitlab-ci: declare api version for gee
      rulesets: integrate 5.2.11
      rulesets: integrate 5.2.12
      rulesets: integrate 5.2.13
      tests: updated tests for new rulesets
      context: add methods stubs for hostbased ignoring
      version: API and version bump to 0.4
      version: API and version bump to 0.4

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