[recipes] Created tag 0.22.0

The unsigned tag '0.22.0' was created.

Tagger: Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com>
Date: Sun Mar 12 23:11:58 2017 -0400


Changes since the last tag '0.20.0':

Anders Jonsson (1):
      Update Swedish translation

Ekta Nandwani (4):
      Update header bar in shopping list
      Make recipe printer respect default image
      Make save button sensitive or insensitive as needed
      Make Save sensitive when ingredients' title changes

Fabio Tomat (1):
      Add Friulian translation

Jiri Grönroos (1):
      Update Finnish translation

Josef Andersson (1):
      Add Swedish translation

Mario Blättermann (3):
      Updated German translation
      Update German translation
      Update German translation

Matthias Clasen (102):
      Back to a development version
      Cosmetic rewording
      recipe: Plug a memory leak
      edit page: Plug a memory leak
      edit page: Plug another small memory leak
      store: Plug another small memory leak
      Add feaneron to recipe credits
      Make the git describe hack work with meson
      Stop forcing debug builds
      Use the new GLib logging
      Reduce message levels
      Support a --version option
      Support a --verbose option
      Fix the OS X wrapper script to work
      Resize the template
      Add some notes on building a dmg
      Some updates to README.md
      Really make the OS X wrapper script executable
      Remove unimplemented functions
      Some chef db updates
      Add API to get all contributors
      about dialog: Don't hardcode the recipe authors
      Make the recipe printer work with our markup
      Make dialogs non-resizable on OS X
      Avoid problems with & in instructions
      Another contributed recipe
      Add a more traditional menubar on OS X
      Explicitly set an app menu when not on OS X
      Implement copy and paste actions for OS X
      Fix markup handling in instructions
      Update appdata
      Set all app menus explicitly
      Add gsettings infrastructure
      Store the user id in gsettings
      Store the cooking count in gsettings
      Drop the compatibility code for the rename
      Store favorites in gsettings
      Store the shopping list in gsettings
      Persist the removed ingredients on the shopping list
      Clear removed ingredients when appropriate
      Update storage docs
      Update appdata
      Add a warning to the appdata
      gsettings: Make schema id == app id
      Set default images for Adelia's recipes
      Make sure to export all recipe data
      Import all recipe fields as well
      Add a comment about recipe fields
      Update appdata
      Compile the GSettings schema
      Improve wording in the export dialog
      Add a confirmation dialog for leaving cooking mode
      Revert some unintentional changes
      shopping: Add an API to get the recipes
      Add a transient list page
      Also don't save the shopping page on the back stack
      Add a "Shopping Done" button
      Warn if the window is closed with unsaved changes
      search provider: Use the default image
      Add more documentation for data formats
      Connect to notify::unsaved in the ui file
      Write down how the back button operates
      Repopulate the new recipe list
      Make the recipe store a singleton
      Update most callers to use the store singleton
      Convert GrApp to use the store singleton
      Clean up headers a bit
      Header cleanup
      And update to a contributed recipe
      Move flatpak build support to flatpak/
      Move meson post install script to toplevel
      Update appdata
      edit: Fix the instructions showing up in two places
      exporter: Use a better filename
      details: scroll up
      edit: Scroll up
      Add a setting for the export list
      store: Add APIs to maintain the export list
      exporter: Persist the export list
      Update credits list
      Update appdata
      app menu: Use same code path for Quit
      Small code reorg
      Don't put unquoted strings into config.h
      window: Simplify key event handling
      Add some query APIs to GrWindow
      Properly handle global actions
      Exclude all fullscreen views from the back stack
      Do the fullscreen keynav in a better way
      Revert "Add some query APIs to GrWindow"
      Remove a duplicate signal handler
      window: Simplify gr_window_show_myself
      Remove an unused function
      Fix a thinko
      Redo the event handling for the image page
      Clean up key handling code in gr-window.c
      Update some screenshots
      Upate appdata
      Prevent the 'whats new' dialog open repeatedly
      Remove an unused function
      Avoid a compiler warning

Paxana Amanda Xander (1):
      Bug 778996 - match chef names when searching

Piotr Drąg (5):
      Update Polish translation
      Update POTFILES.in and POTFILES.skip
      Update POTFILES.in and POTFILES.skip
      Fix typo in a gschema description
      Update Polish translation

Rafael Fontenelle (1):
      Update Brazilian Portuguese translation

msbhide (1):
      Set initial focus on the "Name Entry" of recipe.

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