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    manual: Add a README about editing the manual

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+Vala Reference Manual
+The reference manual can be generated in the following formats:
+ * devhelp - documentation browser for GNOME, use 'make all' or 'make devhelp'
+ * html - multipage HTML, use 'make all' or 'make html'
+ * print - single page HTML with CSS page media, use 'make all' or 'make print'
+ * pdf - uses WeasyPrint to generate from the print format, use 'make pdf'
+The manual is a draft and contains a number of omissions and probably some
+There are a number of ways you can contribute to improving the manual:
+ * Raise questions on the Vala communication channels so an edit is then made
+ * Post blogs and other tutorials that can then be used as source material
+   for updating the manual
+ * Raise a report in bugzilla
+ * Submit a patch to bugzilla with an amendment to the manual
+Editing the manual
+The manual source is available at: https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/Vala/Manual
+The wiki version is editable by anyone who has access.
+To bring an edit in to the Vala source use 'make update-manual-from-wiki'
+This target will download the manual from the wiki. Using 'git diff' will show
+the changes. 'git add --patch' will allow changes to be added in stages.

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