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    doc: add exploring the interface section

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 Exploring the Interface
+The following sections will help you get to know a few aspects of Builder.
 Project Greeter
+When you start Builder, you will be greeted by the following window.
 .. image:: figures/greeter.png
    :width: 555 px
    :align: center
+The window displays projects that were discovered on your system.
+By default, the ``~/Projects`` directory will be scanned for projects on startup.
+Projects you have previously opened will be shown at the top.
+Selecting a project row opens the project.
+Alternatively, start typing to search the projects followed by "Enter" to open.
+Simply pressing "Enter" on startup will open your most-recently opened project.
+If you'd like to remove a previously opened project, use the checkmark button in the top right to activate 
"selection mode".
+Select the row you'd like to remove and then click "Delete" in the lower left corner of the window.
 Workbench Window
+The application window containing your project is called the "**Workbench Window**".
+The workbench is split up into two main areas.
+At the top is the `Header Bar`_ and beneath that is the current "**Perspective**".
+Builder has many perspectives, such as the Editor, Build Preferences, Application Preferences, and the 
 Header Bar
+Below shows the header bar.
+This contains a button in the top-left for `Switching Perspectives`_.
+In the center is the "OmniBar" which cna be used to `Build your Project`_.
+To the right of the OmniBar is the Run button.
+Clicking the arrow next to it allows you to change how Builder will run your application.
+You can run normally, with a profiler, or Valgrind.
+On the right is the search box.
+Just type a few characters from the file you'd like to open and it will fuzzy search your project tree.
+Use "Enter" to complete the request and open the file.
+Right of the search box is the workbench menu.
+You can find a few more options in here such as `Showing and Hiding Panels`_.
 .. image:: figures/workbench.png
    :align: center
 Switching Perspectives
+To switch perspectives, use the perspective selector button in the top-left of the workbench window.
+Perspectives that support a keyboard accelerator will display the appropriate accelerator next to name of 
the perspective.
 .. image:: figures/perspectives.png
    :width: 249 px
-Toggling Panels
+Select the row to change perspectives.
+Showing and Hiding Panels
+Sometimes panels get in the way of focusing on code.
+You can move them out of the way using the workbench menu in the top-right.
 .. image:: figures/gearmenu.png
    :width: 215 px
-Building your Project
+Additionally, you can use the "left-visible", "right-visible", "bottom-visible" commands from the `Command 
Bar`_ to toggle their visibility.
+Build your Project
+To build your project, use the OmniBar in the center of the header bar.
+On the right of the OmniBar is a button for starting a build as shown in the image below.
 .. image:: figures/omnibar.png
    :width: 495 px
    :align: center
+Additionally, you can use the "build", "rebuild", or "clean" commands from the command bar.
+While the project is building, the build button will change to a cancel button.
+Clicking the cancel button will abort the current build.
 .. image:: figures/building.png
    :width: 495 px
    :align: center
+The preferences perspective allows you to change various preferences for Builder and plugins.
+You can search for preferences using the keyword search in the top-left of the preferences perspective.
+.. image:: figures/preferences.png
+   :align: center
+Command Bar
+The command bar provides a command-line-interface into Builder.
+You can type various actions to activate them.
+If Vim-mode is enabled, you can also activate some Vim-inspired commands here.
+The command bar has tab completion which is shown below.
+.. image:: figures/commandbar.png
+   :align: center
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