[vala] Created tag 0.34.6

The signed tag '0.34.6' was created.

Tagger: Rico Tzschichholz <ricotz ubuntu com>
Date: Tue Mar 7 10:38:13 2017 +0100


Changes since the last tag '0.34.5':

Alistair Thomas (3):
      doc: Rename doc/vala to doc/manual
      manual: Switch to using DocBook from wiki.gnome.org as source
      manual: Initial import of manual.xml from wiki.gnome.org

Carlos Garnacho (4):
      codegen: Only add _error path if there's parameters that require unref
      codegen: Avoid early return on sync dbus methods returning an error
      tests: Add "use_string_marshalling = true" dbus-test
      codegen: Check there is a return error location before using it

Daniel Espinosa (1):
      libxml-2.0: Adding missing API and nullable parameters

Rico Tzschichholz (4):
      memberaccess: Don't resolve base_method/property twice
      docs: Generate and update manpages
      manual: Actually install files into "bookdir" instead of a subfolder
      Release 0.34.6

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