[gnome-continuous-yocto/gnomeostree-3.28-rocko: 1505/8267] bitbake: toaster: bldcollector admin Remove LayerSourceAdmin

commit 20f939f2420636e5971378d964ac53a938178bff
Author: Michael Wood <michael g wood intel com>
Date:   Thu Jul 21 14:43:24 2016 +0100

    bitbake: toaster: bldcollector admin Remove LayerSourceAdmin
    Remove the LayerSource admin from django admin interface. LayerSources
    are not going to be manageable from the admin interface.
    (Bitbake rev: 1c20ffcf88c5b73f6cf5e9b69b81e6bc8cd2493d)
    Signed-off-by: Michael Wood <michael g wood intel com>
    Signed-off-by: Elliot Smith <elliot smith intel com>
    Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard purdie linuxfoundation org>

 bitbake/lib/toaster/bldcollector/admin.py |    6 +-----
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)
diff --git a/bitbake/lib/toaster/bldcollector/admin.py b/bitbake/lib/toaster/bldcollector/admin.py
index c1f85d7..7b69ecd 100644
--- a/bitbake/lib/toaster/bldcollector/admin.py
+++ b/bitbake/lib/toaster/bldcollector/admin.py
@@ -1,15 +1,12 @@
 from django.contrib import admin
 from django.contrib.admin.filters import RelatedFieldListFilter
-from orm.models import BitbakeVersion, Release, LayerSource, ToasterSetting
+from orm.models import BitbakeVersion, Release, ToasterSetting
 from django.forms.widgets import Textarea
 from django import forms
 import django.db.models as models
 from django.contrib.admin import widgets, helpers
-class LayerSourceAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
-    pass
 class BitbakeVersionAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
     # we override the formfield for db URLField because of broken URL validation
@@ -27,7 +24,6 @@ class ReleaseAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
 class ToasterSettingAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
-admin.site.register(LayerSource, LayerSourceAdmin)
 admin.site.register(BitbakeVersion, BitbakeVersionAdmin)
 admin.site.register(Release, ReleaseAdmin)
 admin.site.register(ToasterSetting, ToasterSettingAdmin)

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