[gimp] Created tag GIMP_2_9_8

The signed tag 'GIMP_2_9_8' was created.

Tagger: Michael Natterer <mitch gimp org>
Date: Tue Dec 12 20:53:27 2017 +0100

    Tag the 2.9.8 release

Changes since the last tag 'GIMP_2_9_6':

Alexandre Prokoudine (12):
      Keep NEWS updated, start listing contributors
      Mark user-visible messages for translation
      wavelet-decompose: marke user-visible messages for translation
      Update Russian translation
      NEWS: mention newly added on-canvas gradient editing
      NEWS: update the list of contributors
      Update NEWS
      Update Russian translation
      NEWS: update for 2.9.8
      Add default keyboard shortcut for Paste in Place, Ctrl+Alt+V, that matches Inkscape's one
      Update Russian translation
      NEWS: fixes here and there

Anders Jonsson (1):
      Update Swedish translation

Andika Triwidada (1):
      Update Indonesian translation

Balázs Meskó (2):
      Update Hungarian translation
      Update Hungarian translation

Christian Kirbach (1):
      Update German translation

Christopher Rogers (1):
      data: new development splash image

Dimitris Spingos (Δημήτρης Σπίγγος) (3):
      Update Greek translation
      Update Greek translation
      Update Greek translation

Ell (202):
      enums: add intermediate generated enum files to .gitignore
      */Makefile.am: work around a bug in the new glib-genmarshal
      Bug 785152 - The default GIMP brush should not be a clipboard brush
      libgimpwidgets: fix double $(AM_V_GEN) in Makefile.am
      app: add dedicated op for pass through mode, with shortcuts
      plug-ins: in file-psd, refactor layer creation code during loading
      plug-ins: in file-psd, improve layer opacity loading/saving
      plug-ins: in file-psd, fix potential group-layer naming conflict during loading
      plug-ins: in file-psd, fix active layer selection during loading
      Bug 592533 - Mask positions move to top-left when saving as PSD
      app: in GimpCursorView, move cursor info update to an idle function
      Bug 784643 - Crash when using transform tools
      app: avoid id. matrix short-circuit in trans. tool when ...
      app: in GimpFlipTool, stop drawing before initializing tool
      Bug 786844 - Issue with grain merge layer mode
      app: in xcf-load, avoid writing buffer data for empty tiles
      libgimpwidgets: use struct, not parameters, to pass eevl options
      libgimpwidgets: add ratio expressions to eevl
      libgimpwidgets: enable ratio expressions for size entries with two fields
      app: use a single size entry for the pos/size props of GimpRectangleOptions
      libgimpwidgets: use default unit for eevl ratio quantity in size boxes
      Bug 788461 - Selection with a Fixed size is created with an ...
      Bug 788461 - Selection with a Fixed size is created with an ...
      plug-ins: in file-psd, fix bad sign extension in decode_packbits()
      app: in file-psd, make layer-group saving more Photoshop-like
      app: add gimp_tool_line_get_slider()
      app: rename slider-value variables in GimpToolLine
      app: add persistent handle selection to GimpToolLine
      app: add keyboard control to GimpToolLine
      app: add dashed canvas handle types
      app: allow adding and removing sliders to/from a GimpToolLine
      app: add prepare-to-remove-slider signal to GimpToolLine
      app: add handle-clicked signal to GimpToolLine
      app: add misc. parameters to GimpControllerSlider
      app: improve status messages of GimpToolLine
      app: add gimp_data_copy()
      app: add compare() virtual function to GimpData
      app: add "custom" gradient
      app: implement copy() for GimpGradient
      app: implement compare() for GimpGradient
      app: add gimp_gradient_segment_get_{left,right}_flat_color()
      app: add gimp_gradient_split_at()
      app: add gimp_gradient_segment_range_get_n_segments()
      app: add gimp_gradient_segment_range_merge()
      app: treat gradient segments as clopen ranges
      app: improve num. stability of gimp_gradient_segment_range_compress()
      app: improve curved gradient segment sampling
      app: use get_{left,right}_flat_color() in gradient editor
      app: add gimp_color_panel_dialog_response(); add "response" signal
      app: don't show a PLUS cursor modifier before starting the blend tool
      app: add "instant mode" option to the blend tool
      app: add "modify active gradient" option to the blend tool
      app: add sliders for gradient stops and midpoints in the blend tool
      app: modify the gradient in response to blend-tool slider motion
      app: add support for adding gradient stops to the blend tool
      app: add support for removing gradient stops to the blend tool
      app: handle prepare-to-remove-slider signal in the blend tool
      app: convert midpoints to stops via double-click in the blend tool
      app: add tool gui to the blend tool
      app: implement blend tool gui for gradient endpoints
      app: implement blend tool gui for gradient stops
      app, libgimpbase: implement blend tool gui for gradient midpoints
      app: implement tool undo for gradient editing in the blend tool
      app: fix fg/bg color change handling in the blend tool
      app: don't update blend tool filter upon irrelevant line changes
      app: cache last-sampled gradient segment in GimpOperationBlend
      app: fix leftmost and rightmost gradient colors in GimpOperationBlend
      app: in GimpOperationBlend, swap leftmost and rightmost colors when ...
      app: in GimpOperationBlend, fix left/right-most colors when offset > 0
      app: fix conversion of midpoints to stops in the blend tool, when ...
      app: clear tentative gradient when halting the blend tool
      app: preserve dirname when switching save dialogs
      app: s/diffration-patterns/diffraction-patterns/
      app: allow specifying a callback function for propgui pickers
      app: add custom gui for gegl:color-to-alpha(-plus)
      app: use fuzzy comparison in various layer-mode blendfuncs
      Bug 683553 - Spinscale scrollvalues in Brushsize are much too small
      app: indentation fix in the blend tool editor
      app: fix tentative gradient leak in the blend tool editor
      app: highlight upper/lower halves of spinscales while hovering
      app: improve spinscale target calculation
      app: add gimp_layer_get_real_{blend,composite}_{space,mode}()
      app: use the layer's composite space when flattening it
      Bug 786992 - removing alpha produces a black image (sometimes), with OpenCL
      app: respond to viewable expanded state changes in container views
      pdb, libgimp: add gimp-item-{get,set}-expanded()
      plug-ins: in file-psd, read/write layer group expanded state
      plug-ins: in file-psd, fix active layer selection upon loading
      app: add compress-threshold-range prop to color-to-alpha-plus gui
      Bug 786840 - Selecting last option in file association list ...
      build: update 2.9 Windows installer graphics
      app: remove legacy color-erase mode from the layer mode combo
      app: when changing layer-mode group, check new mode against context
      app: convert bg color to image color space when removing alpha
      libgimpbase: add gimp_base_compat_enum_init() to gimpbase.def
      Bug 789436 - Fix out of boundary write in file-xmc.c.
      app: improve gimp_highlight_widget() visibility on dark themes
      app: add gimp_widget_blink(); use instead of gimp_dockable_blink()
      app: blink the statusbar on warnings and errors
      app: make error-console highlighting criterion configurable
      app: add "#include <gegl.h>" to tests
      app: small cleanup in gimpwidgets-utils.c
      app: save custom gradient across sessions
      Bug 786844 - Wavelet decompose plugin changes image slightly
      Bug 780979 - Fullscreen windows with WS_EX_NOACTIVATE | WS_EX_TRANSPARENT ...
      app: use G_FILE_CREATE_NONE for saved internal data files
      app: update GimpContainerEntry when the selected item's name changes
      app, pdb: prevent custom gradient from being renamed
      app: fix GimpDataEditor name entry set_editable() logic
      Bug 780375 - Color picker won't pick on Wayland
      app: wrap pointer around screen edges during relative spin scale adjustment
      app: avoid spin scale pointer wrap when value is at upper/loewr limit
      app: small cleanup in GimpSpinScale
      app: use actual render area when processing display filters
      app: in propgui, use flat color buttons for rgb props with no alpha
      app: use a propgui for display filters that return a NULL config widget
      modules: add clip-warning display filter
      modules: small cleanup in display-filter-clip-warning.c
      modules: remove custom display filter gui
      libgimpcolor: add shortcut in gimp_color_profile_is_equal()
      app: apply display filters in sRGB, not monitor profile
      app: port GimpData subclasses from ::duplicate() to ::copy()
      app: copy brush spacing when copying generated brushes
      Bug 789901 - Gimp allows duplicating non-duplicatable data objects ...
      app: add gimp_data_is_{copyable,duplicatable}() to gimp_data.h
      modules: stylistic code and ui text cleanup in display filters
      app: avoid unnecessary work when all display filters are disabled
      modules: various changes in clip-warning
      Bug 788394 - Crash (segmentation fault) when calculating a histogram ...
      app: improve histogram bin calculation
      app: in GimpSearchPopup, activate selected action after closing popup
      app: update group layer offset before calling gimp_pickable_flush()
      plug-ins: in file-psd, repalce tabs with spaces
      Bug 789981 - Wrong layer structure in PSDs with deeply nested layer groups
      app: clear display filter stack when emptying a display
      app: sort available display filters by name
      modules: in colorblind, change "deficiency" prop to "type"
      app: move error console highlight flags to aux-info
      app: bump GIMP_UI_WINDOW_POSITION_EPSILON in test-ui.c
      app: use matrix to determine if doing perspective transform in preview
      app: indentation fix to last commit
      app: make GimpTileHandlerValidate thread safe
      app: update image menu when starting a blend-tool edit action
      app: improve elimination of trivial blend-tool edit actions
      app: restore gradient when adding/removing stop on same blend-tool action
      app, menus: add gegl:median-blur to the menus
      libgimpmath: add SAFE_CLAMP() macro
      app: use SAFE_CLAMP() in histogram bin calculation
      libgimp: make GimpTileBackendPlugin thread safe
      Bug 790631 - C plug-ins instability when processing gegl graphs ...
      icons, modules, libgimpwidgets: add clip-warning display filter icon
      configure.ac: require GEGL >= 0.3.24
      app: update group-layer item offset after updating offset node
      Revert "app: make GimpTileHandlerValidate thread safe"
      Bug 790810 - Nested layer groups lead to a deadlock with multithreading
      libgimpbase: add gimp_{enum,flags}_value_get_abbrev()
      gimp-mkenums: tabs-to-spaces, indentation, and trailing-space cleanup
      gimp-mkenums: add @valueabbrev@ substitution
      gimp-mkenums: add @valueudesc@, @valueuhelp@, @valueuabbrev@ subs.
      gimp-mkenums: add @if@ conditional inclusion
      */Makefile.am: add abbreviations to generated enum files
      libgimpwidgets: add ABBREV column to GimpIntStore
      libgimpwidgets: fill ABBREV column in GimpEnumStore
      libgimpwidgets: add "layout" property to GimpIntComboBox
      libgimpwidgets: use ABBREVIATED layout for GimpEnumComboBoxes ...
      libgimpbase, app: add abbreviations to gradient enums
      app: use ICON_ONLY layout for group combo in GimpLayerModeBox
      app: modify unabbreviated value descriptions of GimpGradientColor
      libgimpbase: use abbreviations for GimpGradientType
      app: add abbreviations for layer modes
      libgimpwidgets: fix return type of gimp_int_combo_box_get_layout()
      libgimpbase, libgimpwidgets: add new functions to .def files
      libgimpwidgets, app: make ABBREVIATED default GimpIntComboBox layout
      app: add GimpViewable::ancestry-changed signal, get_depth() function
      app: add gimp_projection_{get,set}_priority()
      app: set group layer projection priority according to depth
      app: avoid begin_render()/end_render() when flushing projections
      app: flush pass-through groups' projection asynchronously
      app: flush group proj. switching from pass-through to non-pass-through
      configure.ac: require perl >= 5.10.0
      libgimpbase: fix gettext invocation for enum/flags desc/abbrev
      app: add gimp:buffer-source-validate operation
      Bug 790810 - Nested layer groups lead to a deadlock with multithreading
      app: restore operation src node in gimp_gegl_apply_[cached_]operation()
      app: exclude invisible filters from filter-stack graph
      app: add GimpFilter::active property; move ::visible to GimpItem
      app: handle visbility/excludes-backdrop changes in floating sel.
      app: fix git-version.h when building linked working tree
      app: remove gimp_filter_is_active() prototype
      plug-ins: in file-psd, insert layers to image after writing buffers
      app: add gimp_layer_get_effective_mode()
      app: strength-reduce pass-through groups to normal groups
      app: avoid CRITICAL when moving empty floating selection
      app: in GimpItemTreeView, use color tag of parent for children with no tag
      Bug 791386 - New layer with AUTO everything always uses normal mode
      app: remove redundant opacity clamp from gimp_layer_new()
      app: copy expanded state of duplicated items
      app: update GimpContainerView row expanded state ...
      Bug 759287 - Canvas Tearing While in Rotated Canvas View
      app: fix off-by-one error in last commit
      app: another off-by-one chunking fix
      app: use FAST filter when painting xfer surface

Fran Dieguez (1):
      Update Galician translation

Hanno Boeck (1):
      790783 - buffer overread in XCF parser if version field...

Jehan (122):
      plug-ins: gimp_dialog_run() returns int.
      NEWS: start NEWS list for GIMP 2.9.8.
      Bug 787326 - MacOS's CFSTR() does not work with const variables.
      Bug 787222 - Can't convert from 16 bit to 16 bit floating point.
      app: add compiler info in `gimp -v`.
      NEWS: update.
      Bug 787494 - incorrect babl_space_from_icc() call.
      plug-ins: fixes and review to the previous commit.
      NEWS: add file-pdf-load2 PDB API.
      plug-ins: check GError domain and code, not the message.
      tools: missing space separations.
      icons: start completing the main Symbolic icons SVG file.
      app: do not add undo step when clearing an already empty channel.
      Bug 787545 - GIMP records unused Transform tool into Undo history.
      NEWS: update with no commit on identity transform and selection.
      build: libwebp required version was bumped.
      build: gexiv2 also was bumped.
      build: update webkit patch for flatpak build.
      build: update the howto.
      build: make a new Flatpak manifest for the 2.9.6 release.
      NEWS: fix my name.
      Bug 787039 - Make clear that the PDF import dialog selects all pages...
      plug-ins: forgot to typecast the parameter.
      plug-ins: add parameters to file-pdf-load2 to load multiple pages.
      NEWS: update file-pdf-load2 information.
      Bug 787951 - improve help system.
      Bug 788175 - New string in file-pdf-load.c needs plurals.
      plug-ins: use a domain on g_set_error().
      app: reuse GimpLanguageComboBox to show available manual languages.
      app: the manual language can now be customized through the Preferences.
      NEWS: add new capability of reading manual of any localization...
      NEWS: add Wavelet Decompose improvements and update localization list.
      app: fix building GUI language store instead of empty manual language...
      app: don't show the manual language list when no manuals are installed.
      Bug 788442 - Gimp crashes not using GEGL Operation tool.
      app: use GWeakRef instead of g_object_add_weak_pointer().
      app: also make options_box into a GWeakRef.
      build: run flatpak-builder with --ccache option for faster builds.
      build: base both the dev and nightly builds off a BaseApp.
      build: delete gimptool and gimp-console from the finale flatpak.
      build: workaround for broken cleanup of flatpak.
      build: add a stable flatpak manifest.
      build: using cmake-ninja for jasper build system in flatpak.
      build: only grant access to needed services in flatpak.
      build: fix previous commit and add xdg-config/gtk-3.0 access.
      Bug 787457 - Paint brush settings display system language (e.g. zh_TW)
      app: fix function doc-comment.
      build: stable flatpak manifest is now hosted at flathub.
      build: sync with flathub manifest.
      Bug 734981 - Update maintainers and authors.
      Bug 734982 - update project information upon release.
      NEWS: update various notable improvements.
      Bug 790261 - autogen.sh non-portable use of echo -n.
      app: fix comment typos.
      app: GimpScaleComboBox resized appropriately with its contents.
      app: more accurate labels for "Other" actions.
      Bug 789173 - Make canvas rotation information visible on the main window
      Bug 789173 - Make canvas rotation information visible on the main window
      NEWS: update.
      app: more accurate labels for "Visible" actions.
      app: layers-mode-* actions should not always be sensitive.
      Bug 785061 - Add channels-select-(prev|next|top|bottom) actions.
      app: s/channel/drawable/.
      app: apply Title Case to action labels.
      app: various action labels made more accurate.
      app: more casing inconsistencies and a double space.
      app: no need to show all components as icons when alpha is invisible.
      app: copy *-color-tag-* tooltips into labels.
      NEWS: update.
      Revert "app: copy *-color-tag-* tooltips into labels."
      app: s/GIMP_ICON_CLOSE/GIMP_ICON_EDIT_CLEAR/ for *-color-tag-none.
      app: get rid of more abused GIMP_ICON_CLOSE on *-color-tag-menu.
      app: layer's Blend|Composite Space|Mode actions labels too long.
      plug-ins: make Darktable version checking more generic.
      NEWS: fix some typo.
      app: fix memory leak.
      Bug 770424 - Themes: insensitive menu item are not readable.
      app: a bit more cleanup, aligning variables.
      authors: add shark0r.
      app: g_type_class_unref() PixbufStyle in themes_exit().
      app: do not assume PixbufStyle type exists.
      Bug 785080 - 02-Gray Theme lacks foreground-background contrast.
      Bug 775931 - Shortcut for non-existing action shadows existing one.
      app: reorder alphabetically changed action paths in migration code.
      app: migrate plug-in-gauss shortcuts to filters-gaussian-blur.
      Bug 787663 - Cage tool creates artifacts with multi-threading.
      build: add the flathub stable repository as a submodule.
      build: remove flatpak files duplicated in the flathub repository.
      app: add/update some comments.
      Bug 791351 - Use an anonymous checkout for the flathub repo.
      NEWS: s/as angle and flip icons/as angle value and flip icon/.
      Bug 791360 - Add Screenshot implementation for KDE/Wayland.
      Bug 781020 - GIMP UI vector icons are drawn way too small.
      plug-ins: fix indentation.
      Bug 780375 - Color picker won't pick on Wayland.
      libgimpwidgets: add private headers for GimpPickButton implementations.
      Bug 791352 - Screenshot delay is broken for region-grab screenshot.
      Bug 791352 - Screenshot delay is broken for region shots in GNOME.
      plug-ins: fix a bunch of coding style.
      plug-ins: s/Windows.h/windows.h/.
      plug-ins: minor cleaning and fixes.
      plug-ins: let's special-case just a bit the HGT data.
      plug-ins: leave a message for translators.
      NEWS: adding HGT support.
      plug-ins: differentiate a delay before the area/window selection...
      plug-ins: oups duplicate select_delay with KWin screenshots.
      plug-ins: add SCREENSHOT_CAN_DELAY_WINDOW_SHOT capability to screenshot.
      plug-ins: force at least 0.5s delay to full-screen screenshots on KDE.
      plug-ins: macOS screenshot has both window pick and delay-after-pick...
      plug-ins: update win32 screenshot to use the right delay as well.
      NEWS: add screenshot and color picker improvements.
      plug-ins: register a separate load handler file-hgt-load for HGT files.
      plug-ins: s/GimpPluginPrintError/GimpPluginPDFError/
      plug-ins: properly set returned error in pdb call.
      NEWS: add file-hgt-load new PDB call.
      plug-ins: update file-hgt-load description...
      plug-ins: auto-detect HGT variants.
      Bug 791455 - Please add support for barrel rotation in brush tools.
      NEWS: add various missing changes worth to be listed.
      NEWS: add all missing contributors to GIMP 2.9.8.
      devel-docs: typo fix s/brach/branch/.
      docs, etc: regenerate default gimprc and its manpage.

Joao S O Bueno (1):
      Update splash screen, real painter item.

Jordi Mas (16):
      Fixes to Catalan translation
      Update Catalan translation
      Fixes to Catalan translation
      Update Catalan translation
      Update Catalan translation
      Update Catalan translation
      Update Catalan translation
      Update Catalan translation
      Fixes to Catalan installer
      Update Catalan translation
      Update Catalan translation
      Update Catalan translation
      Fixes to Catalan translation
      Fixes to Catalan translation
      Update Catatalan translation
      Update Catalan translation

Juan Palacios (1):
      plug-ins: in file-psd, fix missing some attributes loading empty layers

Lionel N (2):
      Open password protected PDF feature
      Bug 787090 - Encrypted PDF support

Luis Angel Gonzo (7):
      Update Spanish translation
      Update Spanish translation
      Update Spanish translation
      Update Spanish translation
      Update Spanish translation
      Update Spanish translation
      Update Spanish translation

Marco Ciampa (10):
      Updated Italian translation
      Updated Italian translation
      Updated Italian translation
      Small fix in Italian translation
      Another small fix in Italian translation
      Updated Italian translation
      Updated Italian translation
      Updated Italian translation
      Updated Italian translation
      Updated Italian translation

Mario Blättermann (2):
      Update German translation
      Update German translation

Massimo Valentini (5):
      Bug 784305 - Deprecated enum constants are not registered in python-fu.
      Bug 770424 - Themes: insensitive menu item are not readable
      Bug 787663 - Cage tool creates artifacts with multi-threading
      Bug 771661: Extend the raw data import plugin to open .hgt files
      Bug 783382: Lava filter looks different than in 2.8

Michael Natterer (44):
      configure.ac: post-release version bump to 2.9.7
      configure.ac: require Babl >= 0.1.31 and GEGL >= 0.3.21
      pdb, libgimp: rename gimp_drawable_invert() to _invert_non_linear()
      Bug 787019 - Gimp 2.9.6 misses -lm in libgimpbase/Makefile.am
      configure.ac: require lcms >= 2.8
      libgimpcolor: use the new cmsFLAGS_COPY_ALPHA in GimpColorTransform
      libgimpcolor: rename gimp_color_profile_get_format() to _get_lcms_format()
      libgimpcolor: add a new gimp_color_profile_get_format()
      libgimpcolor: use gimp_color_profile_get_format() in GimpColorTransform
      libgimp*: use some g_clear_object() and g_clear_pointer()
      app: add a timer to gimp_gegl_convert_color_profile()
      libgimpbase: add #define GIMP_METADATA_ERROR gimp_metadata_error_quark ()
      pdb, libgimp: change the gimp-drawable-invert API again
      app: remove GimpColorizeConfig, merge its props into GimpOperationColorize
      app: add xcf_read_component() and xcf_write_component()
      app: add code to read/write XCF tile data as big-endian
      app: "bpc" is bytes not bits per pixel in the new XCF endian code
      Bug 787848 - Duplicate image crashes if there is an empty layer group
      app: XCF endian swapping was still not correct
      app: enable XCF version 12 which finally saves big-endian tile data only
      app: also, it's not the number of pixels but the number of components, sigh
      app: also fix the calls to xcf_read,write-component()
      Bug 788399 - Corrupted display of sample points
      plug-ins: link file-raw aginst libgimpcolor and libgimpconfig explicitly
      app: let tools control how they recieve modifier keys during a stroke
      app: implement GimpToolActiveModifiers in GimpTool
      libgimp, libgimpbase: rename gimp_base_compat_enum_init()
      configure.ac: require babl >= 0.1.36
      Bug 789764 - Please add Paste In Place feature
      configure.ac: require GEGL >= 0.3.22
      app: notify on "mode" when a GimpColorFrame mode is chosen from the menu
      app: remember the modes of the color picker info window's GimpColorFrames
      app: clarify "Into" -> "Into The Selection" in the buffers dialog too
      Revert "app: do not add undo step when clearing an already empty channel."
      Bug 790328 - Buffer dialog should support renaming of entries
      app: add gimp_container_tree_view_name_edited() as public default callback
      Bug 788768 - GIMP crashes loading a valid truncated xcf
      Bug 788403 - When importing an image, don't change to "untitled"...
      configure.ac: require babl >= 0.1.38
      Bug 785781 - Additional Free Selection step (hitting Enter)...
      app: disable OpenCL by default, like GEGL does
      app: fix GimpForegroundSelectTool after GimpFreeSelectTool changes
      etc, docs: push changes generated by distcheck
      configure.ac: release 2.9.8

Michael Schumacher (3):
      Dockerfile for building GIMP 2.9.x
      build: Add more dependencies to the build image Dockerfile
      build: skip Recommends for docker image

Piotr Drąg (19):
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      app: fix typo in a translatable string
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      app: fix a typo (transarent)
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation

Thomas Manni (3):
      plug-ins: wavelet-decompose improvements
      app: set sensitivity for median-blur filter action
      Bug 790917 - Exporting 16bit per channel w/ alpha data as TGA destroys part of the image

Tobias Ellinghaus (4):
      plug-ins: Fix finding raw loaders on Win/OSX
      darktable: Add more shell escaping for Windows
      darktable: Fix typo in last commit
      plug-ins: Hide darktable debug output

Tobias Stoeckmann (2):
      Bug 789436 - Fix out of boundary write in file-xmc.c.
      Bug 789614 - Fix heap overflow in pattern handling

gogo (3):
      Update Croatian translation
      Update Croatian translation
      Update Croatian translation

shark0r (1):
      Bug 790911 - fix jaggy stroke in Tiling Symmetry Painting

Øyvind Kolås (4):
      app: drop workaround for bug #785521
      libgimpcolor: pass intent to babl_space from icc creation
      libgimpcolor: follow API updates in babl
      app: heed deprectation warning of gegl_operation_context_get_source

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