[epiphany] Created tag 3.27.3

The unsigned tag '3.27.3' was created.

Tagger: Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro igalia com>
Date: Mon Dec 11 20:26:48 2017 -0600

    Epiphany 3.27.3

Changes since the last tag '3.27.2':

Anders Jonsson (1):
      Update Swedish translation

Charles Monzat (1):
      Update French translation

Gabriel Ivascu (20):
      sync: Return early if there is no network connectivity
      sync-utils: Fix bad argument type
      safe-browsing: Replace sscanf() with g_ascii_strto*()
      Fix build error caused by previous commit
      gsb-service: Use atomic set/get on boolean flag
      gsb-storage: Fix bad bind indices
      embed-prefs: Use WebKit's new font size API
      sync: Move sync-related defines to sync-utils.h
      sync-service: Fix sign in error report when registering device
      prefs-dialog: Don't allow empty string for sync device name
      sync: Fix incorrect device name on accounts.firefox.com
      sync-utils: Fix parameter name inconsistency
      sync-utils: Make default device name translatable
      history-manager: Speed up sync merge by using hash tables
      sync-service: Fix order of sign out actions
      sync-service: Do batched uploads
      sync-crypto: Start using Nettle's HKDF support
      sync: Update README
      sync-crypto: Fix type cast code style
      notification: Destroy widget when close button is clicked

Gianvito Cavasoli (2):
      Update Italian translation
      Update Italian translation

Jonathan Kang (1):
      bookmarks: Don't set scrolled window's max-content-height

Kjartan Maraas (1):
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation.

Kukuh Syafaat (1):
      Update Indonesian translation

Marek Cernocky (1):
      Updated Czech translation

Mario Blättermann (1):
      Update German translation

Michael Catanzaro (28):
      Use EphyDownload to download adblock filters
      flatpak: Attempt to grant access to the downloads directory
      flatpak: Respect XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR
      Add Epiphany Tech Preview branding
      Clean up the credits somewhat
      gsb-service: Fix -Wmaybe-uninitialized warning
      Properly translate new string
      Improve tech preview version computation
      Remove stray semicolon
      flatpak: Allow opening downloaded files
      flatpak: Make the downloads popover work
      Give up on using 'git describe' to show tech preview version
      flatpak: Make download popover rows unselectable
      "Search the web" should switch to the new tab
      Stop using DzlSuggestionEntry for now
      Revert "Give up on using 'git describe' to show tech preview version"
      flatpak: Disable shallow clones
      flatpak: Speculative attempt to fix suspend inhibitor
      Revert "flatpak: Speculative attempt to fix suspend inhibitor"
      Bump to new libhttpseverywhere API
      flatpak: Implement view page source
      user-agent: Remove support for vendor branding
      user-agent: Don't include real version number
      user-agent: Include another component in the version
      flatpak: Support user CSS
      Add casts required by the new g_object_ref/unref
      flatpak: Fully disable save as web app
      Prepare 3.27.3

Piotr Drąg (2):
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation

Rafael Fontenelle (2):
      Update Brazilian Portuguese translation
      Update Brazilian Portuguese translation

Милош Поповић (1):
      Update Serbian translation

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