[vala] (12 commits) Non-fast-forward update to branch wip/gtkgir

The branch 'wip/gtkgir' was changed in a way that was not a fast-forward update.
NOTE: This may cause problems for people pulling from the branch. For more information,
please see:


Commits removed from the branch:

  1775fa5... girparser: Handle metadata for fields inside a transparent 
  46cfcd3... gtk+-3.0: Switch to GIR

Commits added to the branch:

  2741f1a... SemanticAnalyser.get_actual_type() should never return null (*)
  d7faafd... Improve error message for missing type-parameter on enclosi (*)
  c917b96... SemanticAnalyzer.get_data_type_for_symbol() doesn't require (*)
  c295a07... gtk+-3.0: Fix FileChooser.add_choice() (*)
  37884c1... girparser: Handle metadata for fields inside a transparent  (*)
  445c53c... girparser: Accept setters with boolean return-type as valid (*)
  9a67f50... Regenerate GIR-based bindings (*)
  b773308... gtk+-4.0: Add some fixes from gtk+-3.0 (*)
  285d397... gtk+-3.0: Switch to GIR
  078082c... girparser: Default to "virtual" instead of "abstract" for i
  df1ee35... gtk+-3.0: Regen
  fedc8de... Regenerate GIR-based bindings

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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