[gnumeric] Created tag GNUMERIC_1_12_37

The unsigned tag 'GNUMERIC_1_12_37' was created.

Tagger: Morten Welinder <terra gnome org>
Date: Fri Dec 1 18:02:03 2017 -0500


Changes since the last tag 'GNUMERIC_1_12_36':

Morten Welinder (52):
      Post-release bump
      Tests: add tests for number theory functions.
      Docs: note that numtheory functions now have tests
      Docs: update test status for *ifs.
      xlsx: warning killer
      Compilation: check index before use.
      Tests: add roundtrip test for all documentation samples.
      xls: prevent critical.
      Tests: don't worry about boolean constant functions roundtripping as constants.
      Tests: don't care about roundtrip for HYPGEOMDIST's cum argument in xlsx
      MODE.MULT: Plug leak.
      Tests: don't complain over concatenate coming back as concat for ods.
      Auto-format: fix various functions' tagging.
      fn-r: generate some sample expressions for help texts.
      PERMUTATION: fix handling of argument in the range (-1,0)
      fn-r: documentation samples for more functions.
      NT_PI: Extend range.
      Docs: add a few more examples
      Tests: don't use numtheory for ods syntax testing.
      Tests: skip linear solver tests if no linear solver binary is found
      xlxs: improve export of comments.
      Tests: revert to basic xmllint check for comments unless schema patched
      Tests: Do basic checking for xml members with no schema
      Function Selector: plug leaks.
      GUI: Fix reference to deleted WBCGtk on exit
      Numtheory: minor speed-up
      Numtheory: speed things up.
      Numtheory: up prime count limit to 10^8.
      Plug leak.
      Stat: add a few documentation examples.
      GUI: Improve combo object icon.
      sstest: move dumping of samples to here from main binary.
      sstest: move handling of --ext-refs-file to here from main binary.
      Gnumeric: drop --split-func
      sstest: move --dump-func-defs to here from main binary
      sstest: move --dump-func-state to here from main binary.
      Main: code cleanup.
      Further house keeping.
      sstest: move internal-use function out of libgnumeric
      sstest: move function test and dump code to here from func.c
      sstest: patch up the previous patch sequence.
      sstest: load functions after filtering.
      Compilation: use g_ptr_array_sort instead of raw qsort.
      GUI: ensure we don't leave a timer for deleted control
      Search: another raw qsort that should have been g_ptr_array_sort
      excelplugins: don't use alloca.
      Style: use heap, not stack, allocation.
      SheetFilter: Use heap, not stack, allocation.
      Memory: more heap allocation, less stack allocation.

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