[gnome-boxes] (11 commits) Created branch wip/rishi/rhel

The branch 'wip/rishi/rhel' was created.

Summary of new commits:

  7a8d2c0... util: Simplify code
  76e6ed1... wizard, wizard-source: Use the headerbar to go back from "E
  4bff7ed... wizard-source: Use 'requires' instead of 'assert'
  01e3745... wizard-source: Group the sources into local files, and ever
  f27356c... wizard-source: Separate the groups of sources using heading
  d2405ea... wizard-source: Align each page separately, instead of the w
  d552923... wizard: Let the WizardSource expand if it wants to
  e56fecf... configure: Require json-glib and webkitgtk+
  a1ea011... foo
  8982742... downloader, wizard: Support a custom filename for downloade
  1db65a2... wizard: Allow a custom filename when sanity-checking downlo

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