[gnote] Created tag 3.25.0

The unsigned tag '3.25.0' was created.

Tagger: Aurimas Černius <aurisc4 gmail com>
Date: Wed Aug 30 22:28:21 2017 +0300


Changes since the last tag '3.24.0':

Anders Jonsson (3):
      Fix typo in help
      Update Swedish translation
      Update Swedish translation

Aurimas Černius (38):
      Make SyncManager more testable
      Add test for SyncManager
      Bump to 3.25
      Merge in master
      Move SyncManager test to unit dir
      Convert SyncManager test into unit test
      Fix test sync manager after merge
      Fix test sync addin after merge
      Add sync manager test to tests and fix leftovers
      Add ctor to SyncLockInfo that takes client id as arg
      Add ctor to FileSystemSyncServer to accept client id as arg
      Pass path to sync addin, fix test crash when performing sync
      Fix permissions for test sync dir
      Make SyncManager more testable
      Fix test SyncManager hanging when deleteing notes
      Change note_save to be overridable for testing
      Fix test hang when note is saved during sync
      update commet
      Fix creating test notes in manager
      Fix sync destination directory
      Add checks for sync result
      Merge branch 'syncmanagertest'
      Update autotools macros
      Fix possible crash when deleting a notebook
      Replace throw() with noexcept
      Remove exception specifications
      Replace gtk_show_uri with gtk_show_uri_on_window
      Remove screen parameter from show_help
      Add window parameter to open_url
      Make window parameter required not NULL in show_help
      Indicate further action in export to html label
      Indicate further action in print note label
      Reorder note action menu
      Remove close item from actions menu
      New grouping for note actions menu
      Move Undo/Redo/Link buttons from formatting to actions menu
      Place Link menu item under note actions
      Prepare 3.25.0

Daniel Mustieles (1):
      Update Spanish translation

Günther Wutz (1):
      Removed Shadow from SearchView

Kristjan SCHMIDT (1):
      Updated Esperanto translation

Kukuh Syafaat (1):
      Update Indonesian translation

Marek Cernocky (1):
      Updated Czech translation

Mario Blättermann (1):
      Update German translation

Piotr Drąg (2):
      appdata: Mark forgotten strings for translation
      Update Polish translation

Мирослав Николић (3):
      Updated Serbian translation
      Updated Serbian translation
      Updated Serbian translation

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