[mutter] (6 commits) Non-fast-forward update to branch wip/gbsneto/edge-constraints

The branch 'wip/gbsneto/edge-constraints' was changed in a way that was not a fast-forward update.
NOTE: This may cause problems for people pulling from the branch. For more information,
please see:


Commits removed from the branch:

  d139a67... constraints: Add percentage constraint
  02a830c... window: Track edge constraints
  1ac4d47... wayland: Send edge constraints
  689e3cf... x11: Add support for _GTK_EDGE_CONSTRAINTS atom
  d744074... project: add **/tags.* to gitignore

Commits added to the branch:

  a6ab747... constraints: Add percentage constraint
  3af8df6... constraints: Add percentage constraint
  4b93136... window: Track edge constraints
  a56e882... wayland: Send edge constraints
  d611adb... x11: Add support for _GTK_EDGE_CONSTRAINTS atom
  525a152... project: add **/tags.* to gitignore

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