[gvfs] Created tag 1.33.91

The unsigned tag '1.33.91' was created.

Tagger: Ondrej Holy <oholy redhat com>
Date: Mon Aug 21 17:03:26 2017 +0200

    Release 1.33.91

Changes since the last tag '1.33.90':

Michael Terry (3):
      google: Report FS total size and free space
      client: Fix crash when calculating a relative path
      daemon: Avoid overflowing when querying for filesystem info

Ondrej Holy (7):
      google: Add comment for mutex
      afc: Leak mutex when force unmounting
      channel: Set sockets as nonblocking to prevent deadlocks when copying
      gdaemonfile: Fix relative path handling
      gdaemonfile: Fix g_file_equal for different mount_prefix
      proxy: Fix shadow mount handling for equal paths
      Update NEWS for 1.33.91

Pawan Chitrakar (1):
      Add Nepali translation

Piotr Drąg (1):
      Update Polish translation

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