[libgd] (7 commits) Created branch gnome-photos-3-24

The branch 'gnome-photos-3-24' was created.

Summary of new commits:

  881a6e8... toggle-pixbuf-renderer: Ignore deprecation warnings
  58820ff... Add GdTaggedEntry test case to mimic gnome-documents' widge
  89350dd... Don't include config.h
  9444a40... main-box, main-icon-box-icon, main-icon-box: Silence -Wunus
  5536da5... main-icon-box: Silence -Wparentheses
  e0e11b5... main-icon-box-child: Don't set use-markup on the GtkLabels
  b3ad440... main-icon-box-child: Show the labels only if there's some t

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