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    docs: Update the release instructions

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+How to do a GTK+ release?
+Make sure you have suitable versions of autoconf and libtool.
+Also make sure you have the following packages installed with all their
+* gtk-doc
+* docbook-utils
+Without those packages make distcheck will *not* pass.
+Make sure that gtk-doc is the latest released version.
+  0. Save all your work, then move to the branch from which you want
+     to release. Go back to a pristine working directory. With Git,
+     this works:
+$ git clean -dfx
+  1. Build using the common sequence:
+$ meson _build .
+$ ninja -C _build
+  2. Update NEWS based on the content of git log; follow the format of prior
+     entries. This includes finding noteworthy new features, collecting
+     summaries for all the fixed bugs that are referenced and collecting all
+     updated translations. Also collect the names of all contributors that
+     are mentioned. We don't discriminate between bug reporters, patch
+     writers, committers, etc. Anybody who is mentioned in the commit log
+     gets a credit, but only real names, not email addresses or nicknames.
+  3. Update the pot files and commit the changes:
+$ ninja -C _build gtk40-pot
+$ ninja -C _build gtk40-properties-pot
+  4. If this is a major, stable, release, verify that the release notes
+     in the API reference contain the relevant items.
+  5. Verify that the version in `meson.build` has been bumped after the last
+     release. **Note**: this is critical, a slip-up here will cause the soname
+     to change.
+  6. Make sure that `mesontest` is happy (`ninja dist` will also run the test
+     suite, but it's better to catch issues before committing and tagging
+     the release). Typical problems to expect here (depending on whether this
+     is a devel  snapshot or a stable release):
+    * forgotten source files
+    * new symbols missing the `GDK_AVAILABLE_IN_` annotation
+    * wrong introspection annotations
+    * missing documentation
+  7. If this is a devel release, make sure that the docs for new symbols are
+     in good shape. Look at the -unused.txt files and add stuff found there
+     to the corresponding `-sections.txt` file. Look at the `-undocumented.txt`
+     files and see if there is anything in there that should be documented.
+     If it is, this may be due to typos in the doc comments in the source.
+     Make sure that all new symbols have proper Since: tags, and that there
+     is an index in the main `-docs.xml` for the next stable version.
+  8. Run `ninja dist` to generate the tarball.
+  9. Fix broken stuff found by 8), commit changes, repeat.
+  10. Once `dist` succeeds, verify that the tree is clean and all the changes
+     needed to make the release have been committed: `git diff` should come
+     up empty. The last commit must be the commit that bumps up the version
+     of the release in the `meson.build` file. Use `git rebase` if you had to
+     add more commits after the version bump and `dist` successfully passing.
+     If you change the history, remember to rebuild the tarball.
+  11. Now you've got the tarball. Check that the tarball size looks reasonable
+    compared to previous releases. If the size goes down a lot, likely the
+    docs went missing for some reason. Or the translations. If the size goes
+    up by a lot, something else may be wrong.
+  12. Tag the release. The git command for doing that looks like:
+$ git tag -m "GTK+ 4.2.0" 4.2.0
+  13. Bump the version number in `meson.build` and commit the change.
+  14. Push the changes upstream, and push the tag as well. The git command for
+    doing that is:
+$ git push origin
+$ git push origin 4.2.0
+  15. Upload the tarball to `master.gnome.org` and run `ftpadmin install` to
+    transfer it to `download.gnome.org`. If you don't have an account on
+    `master.gnome.org`, find someone who can do it for you. The command for
+    this looks like:
+$ scp gtk+-4.2.0.tar.xz matthiasc master gnome org:
+$ ssh matthiasc master gnome org ftpadmin install gtk+-4.2.0.tar.xz
+  16. Go to the gnome-announce list archives, find the last announce message,
+    create a new message in the same form, replacing version numbers,
+    commentary at the top about "what this release is about" and the
+    summary of changes.
+  17. Send it to gnome-announce-list, gtk-list, gtk-app-devel-list and
+    gtk-devel-list. Set reply-to to desktop-devel-list.
+  18. Add a link to the release announcement to www.gtk.org which lives
+    in the gtk-web git module.

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