[lightsoff] Created tag 3.25.90

The unsigned tag '3.25.90' was created.

Tagger: Robert Roth <robert roth off gmail com>
Date: Tue Aug 8 01:40:32 2017 +0300

    Tagged release 3.25.90

Changes since the last tag '3.24.0':

Anders Jonsson (2):
      Fix Bugzilla submit bug button text
      Update Swedish translation

Anish Sheela (1):
      Update Malayalam translation

Daniel Mustieles (1):
      Updated Spanish translation

Kristjan SCHMIDT (1):
      Updated Esperanto translation

Marek Cernocky (1):
      Updated Czech translation

Mario Bl├Ąttermann (1):
      Update German translation

Michael Catanzaro (1):
      Remove myself from the doap file

Robert Roth (1):
      Prepared release 3.25.90

Tom Tryfonidis (1):
      Update Greek translation

gogo (1):
      Update Croatian translation

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