[gtk+] (11 commits) Non-fast-forward update to branch wip/matthiasc/emoji-picker

The branch 'wip/matthiasc/emoji-picker' was changed in a way that was not a fast-forward update.
NOTE: This may cause problems for people pulling from the branch. For more information,
please see:


Commits removed from the branch:

  fe5e665... wip: emoji picker

Commits added to the branch:

  b3ab230... gdkdisplay: Remove a pointless assignment (*)
  30eac22... icon-browser: Add missing document-edit icon (*)
  fec4a9f... AccelLabel: Fix typos of Ctl to Ctrl (*)
  d6e4ce1... docs: gtk/running: Document the GTK_CSD env var (*)
  be85c8b... HeaderBar: Use less clashing appmenu fallback icon (*)
  4f31afc... window: Fix traversal of popovers during picking (*)
  4f08860... wip: emoji picker
  e0390a6... Fix a problem with modal popovers
  03d3e25... more wip
  33889f8... add some styling
  dabf36f... more wip

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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