[gnome-online-accounts] Created tag 3.24.2

The signed tag '3.24.2' was created.

Tagger: Debarshi Ray <debarshir gnome org>
Date: Thu Aug 3 15:27:59 2017 +0200


Changes since the last tag '3.24.1':

Debarshi Ray (7):
      google: Update is_identity_node to match the web UI
      telepathy-account-widgets: Update submodule
      httpclient: Use the correct log domain
      facebook: Avoid CRITICALs if get_identity_sync can't parse the response
      facebook: Make it work with Graph API > 2.3
      facebook: Update README
      Prepare 3.24.2

Jeremy Bicha (1):
      Fix Spanish translation header

Ting-Wei Lan (1):
      backend: Use constructor to setup gettext

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