[gnome-photos] Created tag 3.21.1

The signed tag '3.21.1' was created.

Tagger: Debarshi Ray <debarshir gnome org>
Date: Thu Apr 28 21:20:13 2016 +0200


Changes since the last tag '3.19.92':

Alain Lojewski (1):
      Updated French translation

Arash Mousavi (1):
      Update Persian translations

Ask Hjorth Larsen (2):
      Updated Danish translation by scootergrisen
      Updated Danish translation

Baurzhan Muftakhidinov (1):
      Updated Kazakh translation     (cherry picked from commit 2edf0e359be23e5a21ab05b32bcd74fdc52df7fd)

Cheng-Chia Tseng (1):
      Updated Chinese (Taiwan) translation     (cherry picked from commit 

Daniel Korostil (1):
      Updated Ukrainian translation

Debarshi Ray (46):
      Post-branch version bump
      Use pan-down-symbolic, not go-down-symbolic, in OverviewSearchbar
      Remove unnecessary margins
      dlna-renderer: Make it a final class
      dlna-renderers-dialog: Make it a final class
      edit-palette-row: Style fix
      collection-icon-watcher: Style fix
      dropdown: Make it a final class
      collection-icon-watcher: Rename a variable
      collection-icon-watcher: Cancel cursor_next_async during destruction
      embed: Don't leak self when load_show_id is removed before the timeout
      embed: Remove load_show_id during destruction
      preview-nav-buttons: Remove auto_hide_id during destruction
      preview-view: Cancel photos_base_item_process_async during destruction
      base-item: Don't leak the GFileInfo
      empty-results-box: Make it a final class
      offset-collections-controller: Make it a final class
      offset-favorites-controller: Make it a final class
      base-item: Style fix
      delete-notification: Style fix
      export-notification: Style fix
      organize-collection-dialog: Make it a final class
      header-bar: Make it a final class
      export-dialog: Simplify code
      Fix the reference counting for NotificationManager
      indexing-notification: Style fix
      base-item: Style fix
      tracker-controller: Drop the priv pointer
      main-toolbar: Make it a final class
      base-item: Reset the GError before using it
      create-collection-job, organize-collection-view: Style fixes
      base-model: Make it a final class
      organize-collection-model: Make it a final class
      base-manager: Drop the priv pointer
      print-operation: Make it a final class
      search-type-manager: Only query nmm:Photo instances for favorites
      offset-controller: Drop the priv pointer
      base-item: Avoid pointing to invalid memory
      tool: Drop the priv pointer
      searchbar: Drop the priv pointer
      base-item: Disable favorite albums when reading from the database
      print-setup: Style fixes
      Rename icons to follow the application ID
      fetch-metas-job: Style fixes
      application: Make app.quit use the same path as the close button
      Prepare 3.21.1

Dz Chen (1):
      Update zh_CN translation

Fabio Tomat (3):
      Updated Friulian translation     (cherry picked from commit 1d332bd173863275d2523d804dc52587cabfec93)
      Updated Friulian translation     (cherry picked from commit 6609574b1cc61f3205c18c727ec68377270cce1c)
      Updated Friulian translation     (cherry picked from commit 92b96cb40dd98ea9546b25515cc3a9db1594dd8e)

Gianvito Cavasoli (1):
      Updated Italian translation     (cherry picked from commit 511ec739e43eacafc293e36e71332110228ce9c2)

Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio (1):
      Updated Basque language

Jiro Matsuzawa (1):
      Updated Japanese translation     (cherry picked from commit 6fba450c252df2cdaaef82961a4a7e8b3380487f)

Jonathan Kang (1):
      Improve the alignment of notifications

Jordi Mas (1):
      Update Cataln translation

Piotr Drąg (1):
      Updated Polish translation

Rafael Fonseca (31):
      edit-palette-row: Don't leak the PhotosTool
      tracker-controller: Rename a variable
      offset-controller: Rename a variable
      offset-controller: Handle errors from tracker_sparql_cursor_next_finish
      offset-controller: Cancel cursor_next_async during destruction
      local-item: Cancel g_file_trash_async during destruction
      tool-crop: Cancel item_process_async during destruction
      base-item: Add PHOTOS_IS_BASE_ITEM guards in public functions
      base-item: Add guards for functions which do not work on collections
      properties-dialog: Move common code to its own function
      delete-notification: Remove timeout_id during destruction
      export-notification: Remove timeout_id during destruction
      done-notification: Remove timeout_id during destruction
      indexing-notification: Remove timeout_id on destruction
      base-item: Add PHOTOS_IS_BASE_ITEM guards in remaining public functions
      tracker-change-monitor: Move code to its own function
      tracker-change-monitor: Remove pending_events_id during destruction
      search-type-manager: Avoid GIFs
      properties-dialog: Remove title_entry_timeout during destruction
      create-collection-job, organize-collection-view: Convert to async API
      Cancel create_collection_job during destruction
      delete-item-job: Convert to async API
      fetch-collections-job: Move some code around
      fetch-collections-job: Convert to async API
      fetch-collections-job: Rename variable
      selection-toolbar: Prevent nested collections
      selection-toolbar: Disable favorites button for albums
      base-item: Disable favoriting albums
      fetch-collections-job: Make urn property gettable
      fetch-collection-state-job: Get rid of job data
      create-collection-icon-job: Convert to async API

Sebastian Rasmussen (1):
      Add Swedish help translation

Seong-ho Cho (1):
      Updated Korean translation     (cherry picked from commit 6e63472baf4406fb24f20b7d4d2ec77a414c8ce2)

Timm Bäder (4):
      header-bar: Plug memory leak
      search-type-manager: Plug memory leak
      base-model: Plug memory leak
      overview-searchbar: Don't leak the tags

Trần Ngọc Quân (1):
      Init Vietnamese translation

Umang Jain (7):
      base-item: Cancel g_file_query_info_async during destruction
      base-item: Don't leak the GFileInfo
      base-item: Cancel gdk_pixbuf_new_from_stream_async during destruction
      base-item: Shuffle some code around
      base-item: Check for errors while loading the item for printing
      base-item: Cancel photos_base_item_refresh_icon during destruction
      base-item: Cancel g_file_read_async during destruction

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