[sysprof] Created tag sysprof-3.20.0

The signed tag 'sysprof-3.20.0' was created.

Tagger: Christian Hergert <christian hergert me>
Date: Fri Apr 15 19:22:58 2016 -0700

    Tag sysprof-3.20.0

Changes since the last tag '1.2.0':

Christian Hergert (58):
      Remove old kernel module
      Move icons into data/icons.
      move source around in preparation to land sysprof2
      remove old files
      remove old udev rules
      ChangeLog no longer necessary
      remove old releasing instructions
      move COPYING to COPYING.gpl2
      add GPL-3 copying for new code
      Land Sysprof 2.x
      Setup translations in po/
      move tap-test into root
      icons: no need to ship source svg in tarball
      update AUTHORS
      fix doap for git.gnome.org
      add chergert to maintainers
      callgraph: allow going backward with alt+left arrow
      elf-symbol-resolver: add GObject Introspection tag
      save-as: add .syscap extension if necessary
      callgraph: add sp_callgraph_view_screenshot()
      window: add screenshot action
      lib: only export ^sp_ symbols
      callgraph: add column headers in screenshot text
      build: split profiler and gtk widgets into separate libraries
      build: allow disabling the GTK interface with --disable-gtk
      build: check for c++ compiler
      lib: add some padding to classes
      build: be a bit more flexible with configuration options
      profiler: extract SpProfiler into an interface
      update TODO
      cli: add --version command line option
      perf: delay source start until polkit has authorized
      profiler: reset timer when starting
      window: call stop() if we are currently recording
      window: stop the profiler when closing the window
      window: reset profiler after capture
      capture: add frame type for defining and setting counters
      capture: drop ADD from capture type
      writer: use dup()d fd when creating reader
      dump: implement capture dump for ctrdef and ctrset frames
      writer: allow callers to define a counter range
      sysprofd: add sample_id_all field to options
      perf-counter: pass sample_id_all to sysprofd
      perf-source: fix acquisition of time for comm and mmap events
      tests: use SP_CAPTURE_CURRENT_TIME
      writer: use SP_CAPTURE_CURRENT_TIME
      capture: add 64-bit time stamp for start time
      capture: add sp_capture_reader_peek_frame()
      writer: increment the next counter id, not the return value
      dump: add more info on various events
      capture: make counter value a union of int64 and double
      perf-source: we need PERF_SAMPLE_TID
      theme: add fallback styling for 3.18
      window: title should be set on headerbar
      callgraph: add accessor to determine number of functions
      window: notify the user when no valid samples were collected
      menu-button: sync menu button settings when attaching profiler
      release Sysprof 3.20.0

Jakub Steiner (1):
      app icon: add a high resolution app icon

Mario Blättermann (2):
      Added German translation
      Added initial German doc translation

Piotr Drąg (3):
      Updated POTFILES.in
      Add po/LINGUAS
      Add Polish translation

Rafael Fontenelle (3):
      Added Brazilian Portuguese translation
      Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation
      Added Brazilian Portuguese translation for help files

Søren Sandmann Pedersen (3):
      Post-release version bump to 1.3.1
      README: Update for current decade
      EXTRA_DIST: Distribute sysprof-icon-source.svg

Мирослав Николић (1):
      Added Serbian translation

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