[libsigcplusplus] Created tag 2.99.5

The unsigned tag '2.99.5' was created.

Tagger: Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>
Date: Thu Apr 14 10:51:24 2016 +0200


Changes since the last tag '2.99.4':

Murray Cumming (22):
      Make a comment easier to reformat.
      signal_base.h: Move temp_slot_list to signal.h
      TrackObjVisitEach: Use constexpr, as in TupleVisitorVisitEach.
      Use just one TupleVisitorVisitEach instead of having 2 identical.
      adaptor_trait: Remove unused functor_type.
      Make unused adaptor_type aliases private.
      exception_catch_functor: Remove unused adaptor_type.
      adaptor_trait: Remove an apparently-unnecessary extra declaration for Doxygen.
      adaptor_trait.h: Move adapts<> into its own file.
      adpator_trait: Slight improvements to doxygen comments.
      adaptor_trait: Remove unnecessary result_type.
      adapts, adaptor_functor: Remove result_type.
      Remove all remaining result_type aliases.
      functor_type: Remove unused result_type.
      signal: Remove most unused result_type aliases.
      signal: Remove result_type from emitters and accumulators.
      Remove unnecessary functor_base.
      compose: Remove unnecessary getter/setter aliases.
      compose: Remove left-over adaptor_type.
      adapts, typed_slot_rep: Make adaptor_type aliases private.
      limit_derived_target: Move T_Self aliases into methods where they are used.

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