[evince] shell: Add Keyboard Shortcuts entry to App Menu

commit f5573408adc4901dfed8ba6dadaf4d81d68517af
Author: Hashem Nasarat <hashem riseup net>
Date:   Wed Feb 10 01:02:46 2016 -0500

    shell: Add Keyboard Shortcuts entry to App Menu
    Previously you could only open it with the Shift + F1 or Shift + ?
    shortcuts. Now it is much more discoverable. Most apps feature this
    entry in the App Menu.

 shell/evince-menus.ui |    4 ++++
 1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
diff --git a/shell/evince-menus.ui b/shell/evince-menus.ui
index b5e39cd..e43d124 100644
--- a/shell/evince-menus.ui
+++ b/shell/evince-menus.ui
@@ -27,6 +27,10 @@
+        <attribute name="label" translatable="yes">_Keyboard Shortcuts</attribute>
+        <attribute name="action">win.show-help-overlay</attribute>
+      </item>
+      <item>
         <attribute name="label" translatable="yes">_Help</attribute>
         <attribute name="action">app.help</attribute>
         <attribute name="accel">F1</attribute>

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