[vala] (17 commits) Non-fast-forward update to branch wip/gtkgir

The branch 'wip/gtkgir' was changed in a way that was not a fast-forward update.
NOTE: This may cause problems for people pulling from the branch. For more information,
please see:


Commits removed from the branch:

  feb0741... girparser: Avoid fatal handling of nameless unions
  27a50e4... gtk+-3.0: switch to GIR

Commits added to the branch:

  751d470... vapi: Update GIR-based bindings (*)
  d2f2998... gstreamer: Update to 1.7.2 (*)
  094fd48... gstreamer: Update to 1.7.2+ (*)
  d87fb1d... vapi: Update GIR-based bindings (*)
  2f34d7f... gstreamer: Update to 1.7.90 (*)
  c530058... json-glib-1.0: Update to 1.1.2 (*)
  15e3d79... gtk+-3.0: Update to 3.19.11+ (*)
  9f00848... linux: add dependency on <sys/socket.h> to <linux/if.h> in  (*)
  440ef80... json-glib-1.0: Keep compatibility with 1.0.x and lower (*)
  09fa2ed... gtk+-3.0: Update to 3.19.12 (*)
  d5143b8... vapi: Update GIR-based bindings (*)
  c4beeea... Release 0.32.0 (*)
  80f005b... vapi: Update GIR-based bindings (*)
  e44d0ee... gtk+-2.0, gtk+-3.0: Make CellEditable.start_editing event p (*)
  7e69f51... libnl-3.0.vapi: extend VAPI (*)
  0946c17... girparser: Avoid fatal handling of nameless unions
  281c64e... gtk+-3.0: switch to GIR

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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