[nautilus] application-actions: use valid window list

commit 44de344af0564a319fbfee1dc8d5d64a75add2b9
Author: Carlos Soriano <csoriano gnome org>
Date:   Tue Oct 6 15:40:52 2015 +0200

    application-actions: use valid window list
    We were using the internal list of the application to
    iterate through the windows and closing them.
    Problem is that when closing one window, the list is modified,
    so next time accessing the list we are accessing the "old"
    list, which is invalid and makes nautilus crash.
    To fix it make a copy of the list to preserve the consistency.

 src/nautilus-application-actions.c |    5 +++++
 1 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
diff --git a/src/nautilus-application-actions.c b/src/nautilus-application-actions.c
index 72e31e5..9a4dfaa 100644
--- a/src/nautilus-application-actions.c
+++ b/src/nautilus-application-actions.c
@@ -152,9 +152,14 @@ action_quit (GSimpleAction *action,
        /* nautilus_window_close() doesn't do anything for desktop windows */
        windows = nautilus_application_get_windows (application);
+        /* make a copy, since the original list will be modified when destroying
+         * a window, making this list invalid */
+        windows = g_list_copy (windows);
        for (l = windows; l != NULL; l = l->next) {
                nautilus_window_close (l->data);
+        g_list_free (windows);
 static void

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