[gvfs] Avoid crash when no monitor implementations exist.

commit 77805a9871fcf53e99ccece6509faea77fcf93b4
Author: Tristan Van Berkom <tristan vanberkom codethink co uk>
Date:   Tue Oct 6 15:09:04 2015 +0900

    Avoid crash when no monitor implementations exist.
    The GVariantBuilder is unable to create any GVariant for
    an untyped array - while an empty vector is a valid variant,
    it is not valid for an untyped array.
    Passing the resulting null to gvfs_dbus_daemon_complete_cancel()
    causes gvfs to abort with a g_error().

 daemon/gvfsdaemon.c |    2 +-
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)
diff --git a/daemon/gvfsdaemon.c b/daemon/gvfsdaemon.c
index 7bc334b..b7a3b88 100644
--- a/daemon/gvfsdaemon.c
+++ b/daemon/gvfsdaemon.c
@@ -957,7 +957,7 @@ handle_list_monitor_implementations (GVfsDBusDaemon        *object,
   impls = g_vfs_list_monitor_implementations ();
-  g_variant_builder_init (&builder, G_VARIANT_TYPE_ARRAY);
+  g_variant_builder_init (&builder, G_VARIANT_TYPE ("a(ssbia{sv})"));
   for (l = impls; l != NULL; l = l->next)

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