[cantarell-fonts] Created tag 0.0.17

The unsigned tag '0.0.17' was created.

Tagger: Jakub Steiner <jimmac gmail com>
Date: Sat Oct 3 23:50:05 2015 +0200


Changes since the last tag '0.0.16':

Dave Crossland (1):
      Adding cantarell.pdf

Jakub Steiner (4):
      fix stale hhint on 'r'
      re-autohint at build time
      re-render OTFs with FF
      prepare for 0.0.17

Nikolaus Waxweiler (66):
      Baseline metrics fixes
      Blue zone fixes
      Numerous fixes to outlines.
      Fix ampersand and dollar.
      Make dot of "!" 100x100 font units
      Fix %, ordmasculine and U+00B9
      Fix overshoot of ?
      Fix @
      Fix grave
      Fix asciicircum, embolden
      Make dot in excalmdown 100x100 font units
      Make vertical stems of dollar and cent longer
      Fix sterling
      Fix degree, embolden
      Fix superscript 2 and 3, paragraph
      Fix questiondown
      Fix various accents and ... other stuff
      Fix perthousand
      Fix f and f ligatures, re-fix glyphs edited before
      Fix m, had spurious curve point that interacted with hinting
      Fix bearing of dashes
      Fix bearing of several quotation marks
      Fix more quotation marks
      Fix m non-int coord, thinner % and perthousand
      Fix ordmasculine and ordfeminine.
      Adjust blue zones, erase hints, fix !
      Keep " in em-square
      Fix numbersign in regular and bold
      Keep $ in em-square
      Adjust %
      Fix ampersand
      Fix apostrophe
      Keep parenleft and -right in em-square
      Fix period
      Adjust slash
      Fix colon
      Fix bearing of colon, adjust semicolon
      Fix question mark
      Pretend to fix @
      Adjust [ \ ]
      Adjust asciicircum
      Adjust underscore
      grave = flipped acute, same bearings
      Adjust b
      Adjust capital and small letters
      Adjust { | } and ~
      Adjust cent
      Adjust sterling
      Adjust yen
      Keep brokenbar in em-square
      Adjust section
      Adjust copyright
      Adjust ordmasculine and ordfeminine
      Adjust guillemot left and right, bearings
      Adjust quotation marks, exclamation marks, bearings, assorted glyphs
      Fix f ligatures and assorted non-int coords and extremas
      Adjust numbers
      Fix up capital letters
      Adjust small letters
      Fix near h/v edges, directions, non-int coords
      Shuffle middle stem of e upwards for better hinting
      Re-adjust numbers. Woops.
      Readjust 5, uni0308, anchor in a
      Accidently adjusted tops of several glyphs too low, fractions
      Drag down ratio slightly for better rendering
      Fix bearing of ratio

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