[jhbuild] sysdeps-3.16: Give up on installing python-rdflib

commit 688463b6471e0a3ece2cd89249593b8352defb2c
Author: Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro gnome org>
Date:   Fri Mar 13 17:02:41 2015 -0500

    sysdeps-3.16: Give up on installing python-rdflib
    Fedora has rdfpipe in two different packages, and people are getting the
    wrong one. Let's just give up on installing it and mark it as a python2
    module, since that's what it is. It will be installed automatically once
    someone implements the python2 sysdep backend.

 modulesets/gnome-sysdeps-3.16.modules |    2 +-
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)
diff --git a/modulesets/gnome-sysdeps-3.16.modules b/modulesets/gnome-sysdeps-3.16.modules
index 6976bde..286feae 100644
--- a/modulesets/gnome-sysdeps-3.16.modules
+++ b/modulesets/gnome-sysdeps-3.16.modules
@@ -902,7 +902,7 @@
   <systemmodule id="rdflib">
     <branch repo="system"/>
-      <dep type="path" name="rdfpipe"/>
+      <dep type="python2" name="rdflib"/>

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