[chronojump] Created tag 1.5.2

The unsigned tag '1.5.2' was created.

Tagger: Xavier de Blas <xaviblas gmail com>
Date: Sat Jul 25 00:12:11 2015 +0200


Changes since the last tag '1.5.1':

Alexandre Franke (1):
      Updated French translation

Balázs Úr (1):
      Updated Hungarian translation

Daniel Mustieles (2):
      Fixed typo in string
      Updated Spanish translation

Federico Perego (2):
      Updated Italian translation
      Updated Italian translation

Jordi Mas (1):
      Fixes to Catalan translation

Marek Černocký (2):
      Updated Czech translation
      Updated Czech translation

Xavier Padullés (14):
      encoder/test added an example of inertial signal
      Testing smoothing the whole signal
      Testing the smoothing in the whole inertial signal
      Updated manual. Inertial encoder configuration
      Added anlePush in inertial configurations
      anglePush hard coded in inertial configurations. Pending TODO's
      Fixed spanish translation of "Export current encoder set"
      Updated Catalan translation
      fixed wrong power in ROTARYAXISINERTIALLATERAL
      Fixed the rest of power values in inertial
      Updated Catalan translation
      Minor fix in spanish translation
      Updated Catalan translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Xavier de Blas (82):
      Better deb package instructions
      Fixed bug 750236, but on speciallit* only the translatables
      Config file for small devices
      Fixing mass on jumpsRj treeview, potency and stiffness WIP
      Fixed mass on jumpsRj treeview, potency and stiffness. Need tests
      Doing chronojump_config
      Fixed pending string on 750236
      chronojump_config AutodetectPort done
      Added a message on glade
      Added Webkit again (works on Linux)
      Webkit integrated
      config accepts: OnlyEncoder, and SessionMode.UNIQUE
      Removed webKit until integrated in cerbero
      EncoderConfiguration on config
      Fixing port open on autodetection
      Open CSV has try/catch (maybe is already opened on spreadsheet software)
      New config: EncoderNameAndCapture
      Person select window 80% done
      Person select window done!
      EncoderConfigurationWin differentiates gravity/inertia
      Minor fix
      EncoderConfiguration win always on top
      A person can be added from person select window
      Improvements on person select window
      DB 1.24 runs options on SQL and preferences win
      GUI options to top. WIP
      encoder test signal_inertial3
      improving force calculation on inertial. WIP
      Fixed problem in smoothings EC that made values on smooth close to 0.3
      on inertial do not calculate on eccentric until no negative accel
      Added forces on encoder analyze table
      Onp paint hidden before inertialECstart
      personSelectWindow can edit person now
      GUI options to top (2) WIP
      GUI options to top (3) WIP      options to top (2) WIP#
      GUI options to top (4) jumps done WIP
      GUI options to top (5) reaction time done - WIP
      GUI options to top DONE
      Big change on main gui of everything but encoder
      First implementation of sound using gstreamer
      All test mini-images converted 110x110 for new GUI
      Minor GUI changes
      New GUI ended
      Safer getSpeed and getAcceleration with Safe methods
      If no session, two big buttons are shown on the left
      Sounds on linux with gstreamer
      Separated rotary friction inertia modes (onAxis flag)
      Minor fix in last commit
      Added preferences button on top right of encoder when menu is hidden
      Fixed getAccelerationSafe method
      Better encoder capture buttons. Export encoder set in menu
      Encoder config window fits better
      Person win as notebook
      Select person window (tablets) fit better
      EncoderConfiguration win much simpler when defined from config file
      Minor change in an encoder parameter comment
      If encoderConfiguration changes and chronojump_config.txt exists, it gets updated
      ConfigurationFile imported and automatically applied from preferences win
      if ! useVideo, serie graph is double width
      New images are shown on dj calculating fall
      Safer load session, export and report with less SQL open/close calls
      Fixed last commit
      Fixed not shown of splash win on SQL problem at start
      graph.R writeCurves don't prints unneded data
      Fixed crash since last commits (needed laterality)
      Added debug instructions for R code
      Typo fixed in a variable name
      all encoder will not use first positive int on ecc (now does correctly like paint)
      Deactivated the removing of first negative part of ecc-con on inertial
      Adding new bool to control SQL status... fixes SQL bug since last commits
      Implementing language change (WIP)
      Implementing language change (WIP 2)
      Implemented language change
      Added debug mode for graph.R
      Minor fix to language change
      Better GUI on language change
      Better GUI on language change (2)
      paint debug mode for loopsAblines (WIP)
      restore database (WIP)
      Restore database (WIP 2)
      Laterally -> horizontally
      Bump version 1.5.2

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