[orca] Created tag ORCA_3_17_4

The unsigned tag 'ORCA_3_17_4' was created.

Tagger: Joanmarie Diggs <jdiggs igalia com>
Date: Wed Jul 22 10:08:28 2015 -0400

    Orca v3.17.4

Changes since the last tag 'ORCA_3_17_3':

Claude Paroz (1):
      Updated French translation

Daniel Mustieles (1):
      Updated Spanish translation

Dimitris Spingos (1):
      Updated Greek translation

Frédéric Wang (3):
      Provide shorter names for n-ary operators; don't say "post" in mmultiscripts
      Add arrows and operators which are not being spoken to mathsymbols.py
      Support three common multi-character symbols seen in MathML

Joanmarie Diggs (53):
      Post-release version bump
      Add utility methods to get next and previous lines in web content
      Fix for bug 751476: Mark "help" command-line argument for translation
      Mark two additional argparse strings for translation
      Stop using gnome-autogen.sh
      Clear web script command state when window deactivated
      Add sanity check for line contents before attempting to present them
      Add handling for Evo's "autocomplete" popups
      Fix a regression introduced by incomplete merge of web script
      Set the profile when reloading settings
      Enable toggling of speech via keybinding when it's not silenced, but disabled
      Remove the old "inacessible" metacity hack
      Remove some more unneeded code from the old metacity script
      Add some script utilities to identify MathML elements in web content
      Add some localized strings for spoken presentation of MathML
      Add some speech generators for MathML content
      Add some formatting strings for spoken MathML content
      Don't treat MathML as "layout only" (as defined by Orca's default code)
      Start presenting MathML content as spoken math rather than rendered text
      Do not present "none" elements as scripts in MathML mmultiscripts
      Handle MathML mmultiscripts element which lacks mprescripts element
      Handle mrow scripts in MathML
      Handle mrow numerators and denominators in MathML
      Generate spoken names for single punctuation symbols from MathML
      Add a utility method to find out if the locusOfFocus is in MathML
      Handle presentation of MathML menclose without notation specified
      Speak "-" as "minus" when used as an operator in MathML content
      Ensure we speak "<" as "less than" in MathML content
      Don't call re.compile() in mathsymbols.py until we need to adjust spoken strings
      Speak character names of MathML mfenced fences and separators
      Add the "triple prime" character to the list of character names
      Handle a couple of space-related issues in generating speech for MathML
      Add "top brace" and "bottom brace" characters to the list of character names
      Present full contents of math tables that are part of a MathML expression
      Indicate when a MathML table is nested inside another MathML table
      Ensure that > and horizontal ellipsis are spoken in MathML content
      Try to eliminate speaking of math symbol character names (by Orca) in widgets
      Don't speak rolename for status bar notifications
      Handle presentation of status bars with non-label, non-named children
      Use proper AT-SPI2 ROLE_MATH rather than a fake role plus object attributes
      Fix traceback which can occur if there's no caret context
      Fix infinite recursion generating speech for childless MathML layout elements
      Mark some additional math symbols as contextualized strings
      Only prefer math symbol names for MathML content
      Create a utility method to get and cache an element's tag for web content
      Examine the tag rather than the role when identifying nested MathML tables
      Handle some changes in the Thunderbird v.38 spellcheck dialog
      Ignore state-changed:busy events from nested documents in web content
      Add handling for ROLE_HEADER
      Call the default consumesKeyboardEvent() if there's no web script handler
      Don't set the locusOfFocus to non-focused link when document claims focus
      Clear cached objects when top-level web document finishes loading
      Prep for the 3.17.4 release

Pedro Albuquerque (5):
      Updated Portuguese translation
      Updated Portuguese translation
      Updated Portuguese translation
      Updated Portuguese translation
      Updated Portuguese translation

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