[gtkmm] Created tag 3.17.50

The unsigned tag '3.17.50' was created.

Tagger: Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>
Date: Wed Jul 22 13:37:42 2015 +0200


Changes since the last tag '3.17.41':

Kjell Ahlstedt (3):
      gtk_generate_extra_defs.sh: Fix for the patch command, version 2.7.5
      Regenerate gtk_docs.xml, gtk_*.defs, gtk_signals.defs.patch
      Gtk::PlacesSidebar: Deprecate and add to bring in synch with gtk+

Murray Cumming (14):
      Popover: Add get/set_default_widget().
      Demos: Fix the build when using -Wshadow.
      C++11: Some use of range-based for loops.
      C++11: tests/demos: Some use of range-based for loops.
      C++11: Some use of auto.
      C++11: More use of auto.
      C++11: Use of auto.
      Window: Ignore the enable-debugging keybinding/action signal.
      Add get_titlebar().
      C++11: Use nullptr.
      C++11: Use of the override keyword.
      C++11: Replace (void*)0 with nullptr.
      LevelBar: Document how to workaround the lack of Orientation base class.

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