[glibmm] Created tag 2.45.31

The unsigned tag '2.45.31' was created.

Tagger: Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>
Date: Wed Jul 15 14:54:58 2015 +0200


Changes since the last tag '2.45.3':

Kjell Ahlstedt (1):
      gmmproc: _WRAP_SIGNAL: Accept apostrophes in a preceding comment

Maks Naumov (1):
      Glib::HelperList: fix iterator check in operator[]

Murray Cumming (22):
      Require C++11.
      C++11: _CLASS_BOXEDTYPE: Generate move constructors and assignment operators.
      C++11: Use range-based for loops.
      C++11: examples: No need for > > now.
      C++11: examples: Use nullptr.
      C++11: examples: more use of auto.
      configure.ac: Use MM_AX_CXX_COMPILE_STDCXX_11 from mm-common.
      C++11: Use the override keyword.
      configure.ac: Use -Wsuggest-override and -Wshadow with --enable-warnings=fatal.
      Avoid shadowed variables.
      C++11: Some use of the auto keyword.
      C++11: gmmproc: Use of auto in generated files.
      examples: Avoid more shadowed variables.
      Examples: OptionGroup: Make the args public again to fix the build.
      C++11: More uses of range-based for.
      C++11: More use of auto.
      C++11: examples/tests: More use of auto.
      Regenerate gio _docs.xml
      Regenerate glib_functions.defs.
      Regenerated glib _docs.xml

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