[yelp] Created tag 3.17.3

The signed tag '3.17.3' was created.

Tagger: David King <amigadave amigadave com>
Date: Tue Jun 23 09:54:28 2015 +0100

    Version 3.17.3

Changes since the last tag '3.17.2':

Carlos Garcia Campos (20):
      yelp-document: Make document-uri property a YelpUri
      yelp-document: Add yelp_document_lookup_document_uri()
      yelp-document: Use xref: uris for search results
      yelp-document: Return HTML mime type insted of NULL for search pages
      yelp-uri: Use 'index' as default page for help: uris when resolving a xref
      yelp-view: Do not block/unlock policy decision callback
      yelp-view: Fix runtime warning on close
      yelp-uri-builder: build_network_uri should receive a const char *
      libyelp: Fix help-list page
      yelp-uri-builder: Fix ghelp documents
      web-extension: Fix external resources of ghelp documents
      yelp-view: Remove the GtkAdjustment handling code
      yelp-view: Remove duplicated code
      yelp-uri-builder: Handle info uris
      libyelp: fix runtime critical warning at startup when loading info document
      yelp-uri: Set docuri and fulluri also when resolving an info full path
      yelp-uri-builder: Handle man uris
      yelp-uri: Set docuri and fulluri also when resolving a man full path
      yelp-window: Fix loading cursor inconsistencies
      Fix scroll position when navigating back/fordward

David King (6):
      Install libyelpcommon to pkglibdir
      Fix API documentation build
      Convert font size from points to pixels
      Do not free a GError with g_object_unref()
      Force libyelpcommon to be installed before libyelp
      Version 3.17.3

Iain Lane (1):
      YelpWindow: In Unity, use the header bar as a toolbar

Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro (13):
      autotools: Adapt autotools for using WebKit2
      yelp: Change headers files to use WebKit2
      yelp-view: Replace "navigation-policy-decision-requested" signal by "decide-policy" signal
      yelp-view: Replace "script-alert" signal by "script-dialog" signal
      yelp-view: Rename WKWebSettings to WKSettings and adapt properties
      yelp-view: Implement view_print_action using WebKit2 API
      yelp-view: Use WKFindController instead of deprecated search functions in WKWebView
      yelp-view: Replace "populate-popup" signal by "context-menu" signal
      yelp-view: Implement web extension to deal with DOM tree
      yelp-view: Implement pages load in WebKit2
      yelp-test: Port Yelp tests to WebKit2
      yelp-view: Implement web extension to load resources
      yelp-window: Remove ScrolledWindow to hold WebView.

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