[libgdata] docs: Fix multiply-defined index IDs

commit 778fcb4b8681ad5a614ffe2db45c0a1850b4e2ce
Author: Philip Withnall <philip withnall collabora co uk>
Date:   Thu Jul 2 08:17:53 2015 +0100

    docs: Fix multiply-defined index IDs
    The api-index-full.xml and api-index-deprecated.xml files already define
    those two IDs, so we can’t define them again in gdata-docs.xml. Use role
    instead, whatever that is.

 docs/reference/gdata-docs.xml |    4 ++--
 1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
diff --git a/docs/reference/gdata-docs.xml b/docs/reference/gdata-docs.xml
index 3db99d3..a6a1fed 100644
--- a/docs/reference/gdata-docs.xml
+++ b/docs/reference/gdata-docs.xml
@@ -202,11 +202,11 @@
-               <index id="api-index-full">
+               <index role="api-index-full">
                        <title>API Index</title>
                        <xi:include href="xml/api-index-full.xml"><xi:fallback/></xi:include>
-               <index id="api-index-deprecated">
+               <index role="api-index-deprecated">
                        <title>Index of deprecated symbols</title>
                        <xi:include href="xml/api-index-deprecated.xml"><xi:fallback/></xi:include>

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