[gnome-calendar] Created tag 3.18.2

The unsigned tag '3.18.2' was created.

Tagger: Erick Perez Castellanos <erick red gmail com>
Date: Wed Dec 23 00:10:57 2015 -0600

    Tagging release 3.18.2

Changes since the last tag '3.18.1':

Bastien Nocera (1):
      po: Add British English translation

Daniel Șerbănescu (1):
      Added Romanian translation

Erick Perez Castellanos (5):
      date-selector: use glib string translations
      manager: prevent excessive logging.
      year-view: Get selected date before hiding popover
      date-selector: fix typo
      Bump version to 3.18.2 for release

Georges Basile Stavracas Neto (3):
      project: remove OnlyShowIn from desktop file
      month-view: fix mirroring macro
      month-view: don't show popover when clicking an invalid cell

Seán de Búrca (1):
      Correct string error

Sveinn í Felli (1):
      Updated Icelandic translation

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