[chronojump] Created tag 1.5.6

The unsigned tag '1.5.6' was created.

Tagger: Xavier de Blas <xaviblas gmail com>
Date: Mon Dec 21 21:00:31 2015 +0100


Changes since the last tag '1.5.5':

Federico Perego (1):
      Updated Italian translation

Xavier de Blas (12):
      Languages sorted natively
      removed unused findCurvesOld
      Safest RenderN, RenderNAnalyze string to int conversion
      Fixed crash on encoder analysis ecS
      Fixed bad force/power at end of concentric on inertial signals. Saved reps were ok, signal not. Reason: 
1 extra pixel at right
      If unicode doesn not work on Windows, don't translate (80% done)
      Unicode doesn't work -> don't translate (done)
      ec powers almost similar to c now. Specially on inertial
      Fixed last commit
      Fixed air/land shown on ec on some encoderConfigs that shouldn't
      Minor fix
      Bump version 1.5.6

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