[totem] Created tag V_3_19_3

The unsigned tag 'V_3_19_3' was created.

Tagger: Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net>
Date: Thu Dec 17 13:17:06 2015 +0100


Changes since the last tag 'V_3_18_1':

Anders Jonsson (1):
      Updated Swedish translation

Aron Xu (1):
      Update zh_CN translations

Aurimas Černius (1):
      Updated Lithuanian translation

Balázs Meskó (1):
      Updated Hungarian translation

Bastien Nocera (20):
      build: Use grilo 0.3
      build: Bump version to 3.19.1 (devel)
      opensubtitles: Fix GI deprecation warnings
      main: Add shortcuts help window
      libgd: Update to latest version
      data: Add missing shortcuts.ui file
      grilo: Use grl-video-title-parsing now
      grilo: Fix thumbnail cache not being used
      backend: Remove margins from the controls OSD
      playlist: Remove dead code
      preferences: Update preferences tab label
      main: Add a "General" shortcut section
      main: Simplify the volume shortcut descriptions
      main: Add Ctrl+W shortcut to exit
      data: Support RTL shortcuts as well
      grilo: Port to grilo 0.3.0
      data: Split "Skipping" and "Playback" shortcut sections
      build: Add a few files to POTFILES.skip to fix distcheck
      build: Fix distcheck in libgd

Baurzhan Muftakhidinov (1):
      Updated Kazakh translation

Bjørn Lie (1):
      backend: Fix incorrect return type

Cosimo Cecchi (2):
      libgd: update to latest git master
      libgd: update to latest git master

Daniel Mustieles (3):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Daniel Șerbănescu (1):
      Updated Romanian Translation and Romanian Documentation

Dušan Kazik (1):
      Updated Slovak translation

Efstathios Iosifidis (1):
      Updated Greek translation

Florian Müllner (1):
      totem-object: Fix segfault

GNOME Translation Robot (1):
      Updated Scottish Gaelic translation

Jiri Grönroos (2):
      Updated Finnish translation
      Updated Finnish translation

Kalev Lember (1):
      Bump gstreamer version to 1.6.0

Kjartan Maraas (1):
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation.

Lars Uebernickel (1):
      plugins: Don't save builtin plugins to GSettings

Lionel Landwerlin (1):
      backend: embed the fullscreen top header bar in the video widget

Marek Černocký (1):
      Updated Czech translation

Milan Kupcevic (1):
      data: Add man page for totem-audio-preview

Pedro Albuquerque (3):
      Updated Portuguese translation
      Updated Portuguese translation
      Updated Portuguese translation

Piotr Drąg (1):
      Add context to "Play" button label string

Sveinn í Felli (1):
      Updated Icelandic translation     (cherry picked from commit 3a5486088e5404c055d045b27ea6a9a325e324a9)

Yosef Or Boczko (1):
      Updated Hebrew translation

YunQiang Su (1):
      update zh_CN translation

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