[gnome-chess] Created tag 3.19.3

The unsigned tag '3.19.3' was created.

Tagger: Sahil Sareen <sahil sareen hotmail com>
Date: Wed Dec 16 19:31:06 2015 +0530

    GNOME Chess 3.19.3

Changes since the last tag '3.19.2':

Michael Catanzaro (3):
      Update doap
      appdata: Add manual kudos
      Add CECP/UCI specs under doc/ and move PGN spec

Pedro Albuquerque (2):
      Updated Portuguese translation
      Updated Portuguese translation

Sahil Sareen (7):
      Disable selecting pieces after the game is over
      Fix autogen to check symlink for style-checker
      Add pre-applypatch code style checker hook
      Fix previous commit
      Bump up gtk version to 3.16.0
      Keep the list-of-modules in alphabetical order
      Prepare 3.16.3

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