[evolution-data-server] Created tag EVOLUTION_DATA_SERVER_3_19_3

The unsigned tag 'EVOLUTION_DATA_SERVER_3_19_3' was created.

Tagger: Milan Crha <mcrha redhat com>
Date: Mon Dec 14 10:07:47 2015 +0100

    Tag 3.19.3 release

Changes since the last tag 'EVOLUTION_DATA_SERVER_3_19_2':

Aurimas ńĆernius (1):
      Updated Lithuanian translation

Milan Crha (8):
      Post-release version bump
      Make sure EDBusServer modules are loaded only once
      Bug 746675 - Workaround thread unsafety of icaltimezone_load_builtin_timezone()
      [POP3] Avoid deadlock around pop3_folder_get_message_sync()
      [ECacheReaper] Recover data for private folders
      Bug 758856 - [GPG] Option to prefer inline sign/encrypt of pure text/plain mails
      [EDBusServer] Reload the server only if a new module was added
      NEWS update for 3.19.3

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