[gtk+/wip/gbsneto/available-space: 2/2] filechooserwidget: show available disk space in SAVE mode

commit 2bc4bfd7527ffa5a3bf1b1a4c1a3a0658ec3b2a7
Author: Georges Basile Stavracas Neto <georges stavracas gmail com>
Date:   Wed Dec 9 11:57:42 2015 -0200

    filechooserwidget: show available disk space in SAVE mode
    When in SAVE or CREATE_FOLDER mode, it's very important
    to give users the feedback about available space in each
    local drive in Other Locations view.
    Implement that in the File Chooser widget.

 gtk/gtkfilechooserwidget.c |    3 +++
 1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
diff --git a/gtk/gtkfilechooserwidget.c b/gtk/gtkfilechooserwidget.c
index 3143497..47c0647 100644
--- a/gtk/gtkfilechooserwidget.c
+++ b/gtk/gtkfilechooserwidget.c
@@ -3393,6 +3393,9 @@ gtk_file_chooser_widget_set_property (GObject      *object,
             update_cell_renderer_attributes (impl);
             update_appearance (impl);
             settings_load (impl);
+            /* Show available space when we're in SAVE or CREATE_FOLDER mode */
+            gtk_places_view_set_show_disk_usage (GTK_PLACES_VIEW (priv->places_view), action != 

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