[gnome-online-accounts] Created tag 3.16.5

The signed tag '3.16.5' was created.

Tagger: Debarshi Ray <debarshir gnome org>
Date: Tue Dec 8 16:20:05 2015 +0100


Changes since the last tag '':

Christophe Fergeau (5):
      owncloud: Add uri_to_string_with_path() helper
      owncloud: Introduce get_webdav_uri() helper
      telepathy: Don't leak local GError after showing it
      provider: Fix GoaProviderFactory leak
      imap-smtp: Fix typo in error message

Debarshi Ray (18):
      ewsclient, httpclient, utils: Sanitize SOUP_STATUS_UNAUTHORIZED
      owncloud: Set the correct port number in GoaFiles:Uri
      Updated POTFILES.in and removed redundant includes
      oauth2: Silence -Wint-conversion
      smtp-auth: Plug leaks in error handling
      mail-auth: We want check_cancellable, not handle_cancellation
      imap-auth-login, smtp-auth, utils: Always set the GError on failure
      daemon: Use g_debug instead of g_info and drop the extra newline
      Sprinkle some debug messages when handling D-Bus calls
      daemon: Improve the debug message by adding more context
      daemon: Enqueue EnsureCredentials calls instead of firing them at once
      daemon: Style fix
      daemon: Simplify the code
      daemon: Prioritize D-Bus calls over internal ones
      daemon: Coalesce pending EnsureCredentials calls on the same GoaObject
      daemon: Log a debug message after completing EnsureCredentials
      daemon: Timestamp the EnsureCredentials logs and shorten their length
      Prepare 3.16.5

Ray Strode (1):
      identity: Don't ever nullify identifier

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