[evolution-data-server] Created tag EVOLUTION_DATA_SERVER_3_17_1

The unsigned tag 'EVOLUTION_DATA_SERVER_3_17_1' was created.

Tagger: Milan Crha <mcrha redhat com>
Date: Mon Apr 27 08:11:45 2015 +0200

    Tag 3.17.1 release

Changes since the last tag 'EVOLUTION_DATA_SERVER_3_16_0':

Giovanni Campagna (1):
      Bug 747822 - Use global gweather/gweather.h include

Marek Černocký (1):
      Updated Czech translation

Milan Crha (51):
      Post-release version bump
      Bump also base version
      Bug 663828 - Auto-add all Google calendars for GOA accounts
      EGoaPasswordBased - Avoid runtime warning when checking OAuth2 based accounts
      [CalDAV] Claim error when user name is missing for authentication
      Avoid possible crash in source_parse_dbus_data()
      e_collection_backend_authenticate_children: Fix a memory leak
      source_webdav_update_properties_from_soup_uri: Ignore empty user name
      Add a new WebDAV discover widget and dialog into libedataserverui
      [CalDAV] Stop re-trying authentication with bearer authenticator
      Bug 744718 - Provide backend specific extensions as public
      [ESourceExtension] Provide common property lock
      Bug 692555 - Add "Personal" address book to birthdays calendar by default
      Drop unnecessary ldap.h include from e-source-ldap.c
      Bug 746346 - [IMAPx] Propagate no-password authentication errors into UI
      Bug 746732 - [IMAPx] Custom command doesn't have connection
      Bug 746828 - [IMAPx] Server-side deleted folders still visible in UI
      Bug 746395 - Let the provider store sent messages on its own
      Do not use GTask for CamelSession thread jobs
      Avoid use of uninitialized variables
      Bump gtk+ version requirement to 3.10
      Replace deprecated g_io_scheduler_push_job() in HTTP calendar backend
      Bug 723928 - Weather backend: Replace two deprecated gweather_* functions
      Do not use deprecated gtk_dialog_get_action_area()
      Bug 723260 - Use a strong reference to client in EBook/CalClientView
      Bug 747500 - Mail account connection settings change requires restart
      [local book] Failure of contact remove not propagated to UI
      Bug 743996 - "FOREIGN KEY constraint failed" trying to delete contact
      Bug 746335 - [IMAPx] Current folder not updated after message move
      Bug 746276 - Add thread-safety into EAsyncClosure
      Bug 747789 - Implement Refresh for WebDAV books
      Bug 691456 - Incorrectly applied MONTHLY BYMONTHDAY RRULE rule
      Bug 691493 - [IMAPx] Show progress when fetching summary information
      Bug 747638 - Skipped changed messages in camel_folder_summary_get_changed()
      Bug 696552 - exists_vcard query fails with get_contacts_sync()
      Bug 696678 - Document ESourceRegistry requires running main loop
      Correct developer documentation for camel_provider_list()
      Bug 700814 - [IMAPx] Do not convert LF into CRLF on message APPEND
      Bug 745050 - GPG Signing key cannot be saved (prefer gpg again)
      Revert "Bug 700814 - [IMAPx] Do not convert LF into CRLF on message APPEND"
      [CalDAV] Fix a little memory leak
      Fix various memory leaks
      Bug 701352 - [IMAPx] Remove deleted messages in real Trash immediately
      Bug 705268 - Run 'make check' within the build tree
      CamelVeeSummary::message_info_from_uid: Return referenced info
      Fix various memory leaks
      Revert camel-folder-thread.c part from the previous commit
      Incorrect message info unreferenced in camel_vee_folder_get_location()
      [NNTP] Provide feedback when updating folder content
      [NNTP] Can fail to disconnect when the command was cancelled
      NEWS update for 3.17.1

Rūdolfs Mazurs (1):
      Updated Latvian translation

Sveinn í Felli (1):
      Updated Icelandic translation

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