[smuxi/stable] (24 commits) ...Frontend-GNOME: guard DBus code with null checks in NetworkManager.Init()

Summary of changes:

  9ad6e69... Frontend-GNOME: fixed not showing newly added IRC servers i (*)
  a179b40... Frontend-GNOME: guard ChatTreeView's cell renderer with nul (*)
  ba6e73d... Engine: allow space and no separator in DSA message pattern (*)
  41dcd8c... Engine(-Tests): fixed URL detection which contain ' (closes (*)
  e69cc7a... Engine(-Tests): allow upper-case characters in heuristic UR (*)
  da4cd11... Frontend-GNOME-IRC: fixed NRE thrown by CtcpMenu() (closes: (*)
  bd35783... Travis-CI: don't sign changes file neither the source packa (*)
  01adc99... Frontend-GNOME-XMPP: fix build with MonoDevelop 5.5 (*)
  c4434f3... lib/db4o-net (smuxi-master): updated for fixing Db4oMessage (*)
  0f925c7... L10N: fixed a msgstr format of Croatian translation (*)
  a465611... Engine-XMPP: also send presence updates to MUCs, see XEP-00 (*)
  967ab9a... Engine: read Nickname field when de-serializing ServerModel (*)
  e88dd29... lib/Twitterizer: updated for TwitterizerException de-serial (*)
  44b1fbc... Engine(-Tests): fixed parsing URLs with [] in query string (*)
  465b68f... Engine-XMPP: fixed deadlock in Dispose() (closes: #934) (*)
  5c2afc2... Engine(-Tests): fixed parsing URLs with {} in fragment (*)
  b05bf4c... Server: added --version parameter to show version informati (*)
  d6f227f... Debian: fix build on Debian 8 (Jessie) and Ubuntu 15.04 (Vi (*)
  673d89a... Debian: install build-dependencies from debian/control file (*)
  eba2379... Debian: mk-build-deps needs equivs (*)
  809df60... Debian: fixed libtool build-dep (*)
  a241ef3... Frontend-GNOME: updated copyright year in about dialog (*)
  24eb2e8... Frontend: support smuxi-servers that run on localhost even  (*)
  614b59c... Frontend-GNOME: guard DBus code with null checks in Network

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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