[network-manager-applet] (14 commits) Created branch jk/password-icon-1-0

The branch 'jk/password-icon-1-0' was created.

Summary of new commits:

  18a3162... utils: fix stray function prototypes from utils.h
  d9e4404... utils: move *_password_storage() functions from utils to li
  9d86623... libnm-gtk/editor: change nma_utils_setup_password_storage()
  8880bc7... libnm-gtk/editor: make NMSetting optional in password stora
  02ba4a0... libnm-gtk: use an enum/table for password storage icons
  9fc3e1d... libnm-gtk: add item for "ask password" to password icon men
  81bdcd9... libnm-gtk: add item for "not required" to password icon men
  c14ebde... libnm-gtk/editor: make "password not required" menu item op
  a9e7924... libnm-gtk: add nma_utils_menu_to_secret_flags() for getting
  b5571fe... libnm-gtk: vpn password dialog: add entry for ternary passw
  55920f2... libnm-gtk: add tooltips to password storage icons
  ffe52c5... libnm-gtk: remember previous password across toggling optio
  35320bd... editor: remove "Always ask for this password every time" ch
  ce97307... editor: save secrets flags according to the storage icon

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