[gnome-builder] style: improve JS styling a bit

commit d00c97cece0a86fee8e4636068874f79d69b74d1
Author: Christian Hergert <christian hergert me>
Date:   Wed Apr 22 01:34:27 2015 -0700

    style: improve JS styling a bit
    This hasn't got much love, and we need to change some things from the
    "general" case.

 data/style-schemes/builder.xml |    5 ++++-
 1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)
diff --git a/data/style-schemes/builder.xml b/data/style-schemes/builder.xml
index 0ff0408..cc21146 100644
--- a/data/style-schemes/builder.xml
+++ b/data/style-schemes/builder.xml
@@ -139,7 +139,10 @@
   <style name="xml:namespace"               bold="true"/>
   <style name="js:object"                   foreground="chameleon3" bold="true"/>
-  <style name="js:constructors"             foreground="chameleon3"/>
+  <style name="js:constructors"             foreground="pink1"/>
+  <style name="js:keyword"                  foreground="#0077aa"/>
+  <style name="js:string"                   foreground="#669900"/>
+  <style name="js:function"                 foreground="pink1"/>
   <style name="latex:display-math"          foreground="plum3"/>
   <style name="latex:command"               foreground="chameleon3" bold="true"/>

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