[mobile-broadband-provider-info] no: new default APN for Telenor Norway

commit a6a26866f72e11bc08fea152cfb4972a59ca17d9
Author: Tore Anderson <tore fud no>
Date:   Sat Apr 18 00:44:26 2015 +0200

    no: new default APN for Telenor Norway
    Telenor Norway's new default APN is "telenor.smart". This APN supports
    both IPv4 and IPv6, so use a host name rather than a literal IPv4
    address to refer to the MMS proxy. The statically configured DNS servers
    are removed as Telenor is using dynamic DNS server assignment (and the
    DNS servers assigned by the new APN are in any case different from the
    ones currently hard-coded in serviceproviders.xml). The new APN does not
    require username/password.
    This change has been ACK-ed by Telenor's IPv6 project leader
    Gwenael-Christian Berthet <Gwenael-Christian Berthet telenor com>.
    The new settings may be verified on Telenor's web pages at
    http://www.telenor.no/privat/kundeservice/mobilhjelp/ (under "Kom i gang
    med IPv6").

 serviceproviders.xml |   11 ++++++++---
 1 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
diff --git a/serviceproviders.xml b/serviceproviders.xml
index c0239bf..e75cff0 100644
--- a/serviceproviders.xml
+++ b/serviceproviders.xml
@@ -9243,11 +9243,16 @@ conceived.
                                <sms text="saldo">2525</sms>
-                       <apn value="telenor">
+                       <apn value="telenor.smart">
                                <plan type="postpaid"/>
                                <usage type="internet"/>
-                               <dns></dns>
-                               <dns></dns>
+                               <name>Telenor</name>
+                       </apn>
+                       <apn value="telenor.smart">
+                               <usage type="mms"/>
+                               <name>Telenor MMS</name>
+                               <mmsc>http://mmsc</mmsc>
+                               <mmsproxy>mms-proxy.telenor.no:8080</mmsproxy>
                        <apn value="mms.ventelo.no">
                                <usage type="mms"/>

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