[gnumeric] Created tag GNUMERIC_1_12_22

The unsigned tag 'GNUMERIC_1_12_22' was created.

Tagger: Morten Welinder <terra gnome org>
Date: Thu Apr 16 20:01:09 2015 -0400


Changes since the last tag 'GNUMERIC_1_12_21':

Anders Jonsson (1):
      Updated Swedish translation

Andreas J. Guelzow (30):
      Improve ODF export of additional axislines. [#746321]
      Improve ODF import/export of additional axes. [#746321]
      Improve ODF import/export of additional axes. [#746321]
      Improve ODF import/export of additional axes. [#746321]
      Improve ODF import/export of additional axes. [#746321]
      Fix ODF export of styles for additional axes. [#746621]
      Trim unneccessary code
      Use GSF_XML_2ND throughout openoffice-read.c
      Simplify export of SEC and SECH to ODF. [#747211]
      Harden ODF import against fuzzed files. [#747447]
      Harden ODF import against fuzzed files. [#747448]
      Fix ODF import/export of unlinked checkboxes.
      Fix ODF import/export of unlinked radio buttons.
      Plug leak in ODF import.
      Plug leak in ODF import and export. [#747590]
      Really plug leak in ODF export. [#747590]
      Plug leak in ODF export.
      write image name to ODS
      Try to retain the image names while round tripping through ODF
      plug leak
      plug leak
      Improve pattern fill round trip through ODF.
      Restore accidentally changed file.
      Add more ODF foreign attributes and elements to the ext schema and docs.
      Fix export of Ring plots to ODF. [#747763]
      improve auto_fore for hatches in ODF esport/import
      Fix import/export of Pie charts from/to ODF. [#747807]
      Fix import/export of Pie charts from/to ODF to interoperate with LO.
      Add more determinism to ODF export. [#747916]
      Avoid series/plot conflicts for initial-angles in ODF import.

Jean Brefort (3):
      Fix signal handling while running Python. [#744638]
      Make graphs (and images) not resize with cells by default. [#684450]
      Format number whenever possible. (see #700599, comment #11).

Marek Černocký (6):
      Updated Czech translation
      Updated Czech translation
      Updated Czech translation
      Udated Czech translation
      Updated Czech translation
      Updated Czech translation

Morten Welinder (137):
      Post-release bump
      Compilation: fix warning.
      xlsx: handle log axis.
      SheetObjectImage: simplify code
      Tests: add a test with a log-2 axis.
      Test: add test for colouring an axis.
      xlsx: simplify floating-point attribute code.
      xlsx: simplify uint attribute code.
      xlsx: simplify int attribute code.
      xml: use new go_xml_out_add_double
      Tests: more axis style tests
      xlsx: export multiple plots in one chart.
      xlsx: fix placement of axes in file.
      xlsx: improve axis handling.
      xlsx: improve axis cleanup.
      xlsx: ensure series index is unique.
      xlsx: fix axis positioning on import.
      xlsx: don't complain over unknown tags inside <extLst>
      xlsx: don't set object style for objects that don't have style.
      xlsx: handle xmlns:r in blipFill.
      xlsx: add noFill for graph lines even when lines are zero width.
      Tests: add more bol/col graph tests.
      Test: more line graph tests.
      xlsx: titles should not be overlays.
      DECIMAL: Implement this.
      Documentation: improve samples for ACOSH and ATANH.
      BETA: fix special case.
      RANDPOISSON: Fix sample.
      BETA.DIST, GEOMDIST: Fix samples.
      MIDB: Fix length check.
      Testing: code to dump all function samples from docs.
      PERMUTATIONA: Fix (0,0) case.
      fn-stat: switch many example to "=foo(...)" syntax.
      RANGLOG: Fix.
      sstest: add tests for randbetween and randbinom.
      sstest: more random number tests.
      sstest: test also negative binomial distribution.
      sstest: also test RANDLOG.
      sstest: also test RANDDISCRETE
      sstest: test RANDGAMMA
      sstest: also test RANDTDIST.
      qcauchy: move qcauchy to sf-dpq.c
      sstest: add tests for RANDFDIST, RANDUNIFORM, and RANDCAUCHY.
      sstest: add lots of fractile tests.
      qhyper: move this function into sf-dpq.c
      sstest: also test RANDBETA, RANDCHISQ, and RANGHYPERG.
      Doc fix.
      sstest: extend fractile testing to non-continuous distributions.
      sstest: plug leak.
      xlsx: fix schema problem
      xlsx: more schema fixes
      t2003: fix the check
      Introspection: fix dual prototype.
      xlsx: fix last fix.
      xlsx: improve roundtrip.
      Tests: test only hourglass and bowtie markers.
      Graph tests: add log-axis samples for line/bar/col
      xlsx: parser fixes.
      Tests: add a pie chart test.
      xlsx: further parsing fixes.
      xlsx: fix parsing of alpha colour.
      xlsx: parse full complement of colour modifiers.
      xlsx: more colour modifier handling.
      .gnumeric: take advantage of new libgsf feature
      xlsx: sort out some namespace confusion.
      Graph: fix critical.
      sstest: fix mean test for hypergeometric random generator.
      .gnumeric: update schema.
      .gnumeric: use enum for new anchor mode attribute.
      xlsx: more colour modification handling.
      xlsx: hook up hsl modifications too.
      xlsx: more of the grammar.
      xlsx: properly parse scrgbClr.
      xlsx: grammar improvements.
      xlsx: complete grammar for "2011-12 Sales.xlsx" sample
      xlsx: handle or stub the remaining colour transformations.
      xlsx: clean up grammar for axes.
      ODS: remove duplicate xml nodes.
      xlsx: remove duplicate xml nodes.
      xlsx: use GSF_XML_2ND throughout.
      xlsx: apply colour modifiers when reading theme.
      SheetObjectGraph: use GNM_XML_2ND here too.
      Guppi: plug leak.
      test: add test for guppi graph format.
      Tests: add new test file with all function samples from build-in docs.
      REPLACEB: Fix copying of bytes after those being replaced.
      Sheet Objects: in one-cell anchor mode, save only one cell.
      .gnumeric: fix reading of anchor mode.
      xlsx: avoid backplanes in pie chart on import.
      xlsx: better backplane handling.
      xlsx: write full style for points, not just marker.
      xlsx: add test for pie slice style.
      xlsx: unconditionally export series' style.
      Tests: add outline for pie chart.
      Tests: test also ods manifest
      Test: For ods, check settings.xml and meta.xml too.
      Test: test both extended and strict format.
      t6150: add "download" mode to get schemas.
      t6150: also checksum existing schema files.
      fuzzxml: also permute tags sometimes.
      t6150: fix mkdir.
      t6150: add extended schema.
      Sheet filter: fix UMR.
      xlsx: plug leaks.
      t8010: new test for valgrinding ods import/export.
      t8010: define corpus "full" and "random:N".
      Tests: add full valgrind test for xlsx too
      xlsx: plug pivot-related leak
      xlsx: more grammar
      xlsx: implement gamma/invGamma colour transformations
      R.DNORM, RAYLEIGH: Improve accuracy of far-tail cases.
      R.QCAUCHY: Improve accuracy.
      xls: debug improvement.
      Tests: add test for import/export of selection
      Tests: update ods extended schema to handle multiple selections.
      Tests: convert more tests to use default corpus.
      Tests: last test with its own corpus converted.
      Tests: add test for ring plot
      Test: one more ring plot test.
      Tests: fix missing center size for ring plots.
      xlsx: fix schema problem with ring plots.
      Tests: add test for sheet tab colouring.
      xlsx: fix round trip of sheet tab colour.
      Tests: add new sheet-tab-tests to full corpus.
      Tests: add test for pie chart starting angle.
      xlsx: read firstSliceAng for pie and ring charts.
      Test: restore holeSize again.
      Tests: check that xlsx files are deterministic.
      xlsx: make export more deterministic.
      xlsx: code cleanup.
      xlsx: improve export of comments.
      Functions: add TANPI and COTPI.
      Tests: add test for radar chart.
      docs: propagate function docs updates.
      t6150: make this work, more or less, without schema present.
      xlsx: fix comment writing.

Paul Seyfert (1):
      Updated German translation

Piotr Drąg (1):
      Updated POTFILES.in

Samir Ribic (3):
      Added Bosnian translation
      Added Bosnian translation
      Updated Bosnian translation

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