[libgsf] Created tag LIBGSF_1_14_33

The unsigned tag 'LIBGSF_1_14_33' was created.

Tagger: Morten Welinder <terra gnome org>
Date: Thu Apr 16 17:06:23 2015 -0400


Changes since the last tag 'LIBGSF_1_14_32':

Morten Welinder (8):
      Post-release bump
      xml: do a better job of saving all precision.
      xml: provide a way to shut up complaints about unknown tags.
      xls: introduce new flag GSF_XML_2ND
      Doc fix.
      xml: complain over duplicate nodes.
      xml: fix indentation after non-pretty-printed section.

Samir Ribic (1):
      Added Bosnian translation

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