[gnome-shell] Created tag 3.16.1

The unsigned tag '3.16.1' was created.

Tagger: Florian Müllner <fmuellner gnome org>
Date: Tue Apr 14 23:17:30 2015 +0200

    Tag release 3.16.1

Changes since the last tag '3.16.0':

Adel Gadllah (4):
      Revert "windowManager: Block dynamic workspace updates while showing the popup"
      Revert "Give user 48ms to read each character of a PAM message, earlier it was 16ms"
      Revert "Revert "windowManager: Block dynamic workspace updates while showing the popup""
      Revert "Revert "Give user 48ms to read each character of a PAM message, earlier it was 16ms""

Clément Guérin (1):
      gdm: use integer coordinates for login dialog actors

Devyani Kota (1):
      workspacesView: Allow switching workspaces in overview with pageUp/Down

Dušan Kazik (1):
      Updated Slovak translation

Florian Müllner (14):
      legacyTray: Stack tray below modal dialogs
      legacyTray: Remove pointer barrier when the tray is hidden
      loginDialog: Move long session-list menus to the side
      workspacesView: Add missing semicolon
      windowManager: Don't allow move-to-workspace for always-sticky windows
      Update style
      messageTray: Remove dead code
      telepathyClient: Fix removal of timestamp timeout source
      telepathyClient: Disentangle source and notification
      telepathyClient: Keep source alive while channel is open
      calendar: Allow to dismiss resident notifications
      legacyTray: Temporarily reveal tray when icons are added
      legacyTray: Decrease visible width when concealed
      Bump version to 3.16.1

Giovanni Campagna (13):
      TelepathyClient: fix ackowledging chat messages
      Telepathy: hide chat notifications when focusing the app
      Search: watch for changes to enabled as well
      Search: use the same settings object for loading search providers
      AppDisplay: use global settings object
      ExtensionPrefs: remove unused GSettings object
      Background: add a comment for questionable GSettings usage
      Magnifier: invert connection to settings changes and initial read
      status/a11y: invert connection to changes and initial read
      dash: use global settings instead of own settings object
      System: remove unused GSettings
      System: update lock screen at construction
      WorkspacesView: remove unused GSettings

Hannie Dumoleyn (1):
      Updated Dutch translation 3.16

Khaled Hosny (1):
      Minor fixes the the file header

Owen W. Taylor (2):
      Unrevert gtkactionmuxer: Reintroduce the passing of event timestamps
      gtkactionmuxer.c: Pass the platform data when activating actions as well

Rui Matos (4):
      Refresh all background instances after suspend if needed
      st-theme-node: Unconditionally apply style margins on the actor
      status/keyboard: Backup the whole MRU list while in password mode
      keyboard: Add a way to use the OSK on shell chrome in wayland sessions

Rūdolfs Mazurs (1):
      Updated Latvian translation

Sarvjeet (1):
      Give user 48ms to read each character of a PAM message, earlier it was 16ms

Shivam Mishra (2):
      windowManager: Block dynamic workspace updates while showing the popup
      authPrompt: Fix hang if user types password really fast

Stas Solovey (2):
      Updated Russian translation
      Updated Russian translation

Ting-Wei Lan (1):
      shell_global_reexec_self: add support for FreeBSD

Yuri Myasoedov (1):
      Fixed Russian translation

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